Talk is cheap, DONE is PRICELESS!

getting-work-done-rocks-edward-ziaI had a very odd experience at the gym today. There is this very kind man there who I have lots of respect for. He is really cool and I like him; but he made a mistake that I very much used to make.

About a month ago, I bumped into him at the gym. He recognised me from Facebook and we started talking with him asking me quite a few questions about client reactivation and databases. I spoke to him at lengths about Mailchimp Premium and pointed him in the direction to get started.

It was great and when I bumped into him today I followed up with him on Mailchimp:

– He hasn’t done anything about it!

I kind of laughed at more the older version of myself in once being a man who talked about doing stuff (who rarely followed through) and I told him to get it done then come back to me. I really have been thinking it through and full respect to him; I will not throw stones from glass houses as I used to be much like him.

It’s really important in business that we don’t just ‘talk’ about stuff. It’s not very good; in fact it’s a total waste of time at a given point.

Especially in marketing for a small business – every day you miss out is yet a wasted opportunity that you shall never get back. By all means plan; but once you have a plan get it done.

My advice and thinking?

– Get it done.

You will make lots of money, feel very satisfied and people around you will develop a very healthy respect for you.

Love your work, and a message to my friend at the gym “Don’t be like old me, get it done and win!”.