The Awesome Happiness and Marketing Forum with Edward and Jude - Love to see you there!

The Awesome Happiness and Marketing Forum with Edward and Jude – Love to see you there!

We are very excited to both be announcing our first “Awesome Happiness and Marketing Forum” with Edward (Me) and lovely Jude.  I was very lucky to meet lovely Jude through the 4Networking Business Community.

It’s been a great experience knowing Jude and I often laugh at our unique combination. She is a “Happiness Coach” and I maybe brilliant at Sales & Marketing – but with my at times Ex-Government / Veteran personality, we make the very odd couple at times (certainly worthy of a Sitcom!)

In our first project, we have combined the best of our technologies to come up with “The Awesome Happiness and Marketing Forum” with Edward and Jude.

You can access the Soft Copy of the Invite Card right here with all the details.

Led by Jude, we are holding this workshop 9AM to 1:30PM, 30th August 2014 – at Centro CBD Wollongong (which is an Awesome Regional City 84km South of Sydney).

From Jude, you are going to get all the “Happy Stuff”.  That is, Mindset Strategies for Success, how to stay Happy & Motivated in the “Real World”, learn great tools for helping you succeed when times are not the easiest – and how to align your mind with your true purpose (to source of infinite motivation!)

From Edward (me) you are going to get the AWESOME Sales & Marketing Strategies perfect for Small Business and Entrepreneurs.  You are going to hear my Persian Self talk about the World’s Best Practice in terms of Small Business Tactics, what works, what doesn’t and leave with actionable strategies you can implement right away for success!

And guess what it’s Free! Have we gone totally “Bananas” in this one? No way, we are anything but Bananas – we love giving back to the Awesome Business Community as well as showing you on the house that we know our stuff and want to help you succeed in business and life.

To learn more or to book in directly, contact Lovely Jude on 0448 865 593 or email her at

Thank you from Edward Zia and Jude! Looking forward to seeing some of you wonderful people along!



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  1. Really looking forward to this one, how often you get to go to a free Event with two experts at the top of their Game.

    • Thank you so much Jeanette and your kind comments are appreciated! It is quite an honour to be working with Jude from “Hey Happy Jude” and can’t wait till our first official event. I am so excited by it! Love to see you there and can’t wait. You are awesome and Happy Saturday!

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