I ain't no sucker and this is a Taker Free Zone! Only awesome givers like yourself are allowed here!

I ain’t no sucker and this is a Taker Free Zone! Only awesome givers like yourself are allowed here!

After being in business for over 3 years now I have worked with hundreds (I wouldn’t be far from 1,000 I am sure quite soon) of great people I have met people from all walks of life.  From Start-Ups to Established, from Nice People to Mean People and from people who are all about helping people and people who are great at saying “They are all about helping people”.

As a Marketing Mentor and also a Leader at the 4Networking Australia business community, it has really given me the chance to live an amazing life which I am incredibly grateful for (as my life really sucked only a few years ago).

In meeting all the people I have, the people that do truly well in business (regardless of industry) are always giving type of characters.  That is, they are genuinely motivated to help others, enjoy seeing results in their clients and will often even (within commercial reason) give you a bit of their free time and help to get you going in the direction you need too.

On the other hand, you see the direct opposite.  People that are quite self-centered that really are in it for themselves and pay pure lip service to helping others.  If you have gone business networking before you will know what I am talking about, but if you haven’t basically it’s like a community.  If you come in and help everyone, they help you back by either hiring you or giving you referrals – if you don’t they won’t accordingly (makes sense, we like helping nice people!).

But if you are reading this article then I know you are an awesome giver.  So let’s join forces and attack these stupid takers who are in it for themselves (ha ha – I love writing this article, great chance to release some steam!).

Here is a funny conversation I have had many times of people in all networking groups that I have had leadership positions in (be it BNI, 4Networking, Parramatta Chamber etc):

[Taker]: I have been coming for 3 meetings and I haven’t had any referrals yet and no one has hired me.  This Networking Group isn’t working.

[Frustrated Edward Zia]: Sure, but you need to give referrals first and help people so they meet like know and trust you.

[Taker]: Yes, but I don’t want to help anyone.  I just want them to hire me first then I will hire them.

[Edward Zia headbutting a wall]: Yes but if you don’t make the first move, why should they?

[Taker]: Well, at others places I get referrals.

[Edward Zia Smiling]: Then what are you doing here?

[Taker]: …..

I have been putting up with these insane conversations for a while and the awesome news is that the people doing the right things get the reward, after all:

If someone is awesome, liked, helps everyone, who doesn’t want to hire them or refer them business?

So fellow giver! Thank you for reading this article and helping me release my frustration at to the “Taking Dog Eat Dog” culture which I am many of my friends have a bone to pick with.  It’s all about being part of your community and helping people rock first, then they give the love right back to you.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & At times Frustrated Networking Leader x x

Thank you for reading this one and to learn more Top Sales & Marketing Strategies, check out my Awesome Marketing Vault right here. Hope you love it!



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    • You are too kind and thank you Samuel! Great point and I think for a short while takers sometimes even “Get More”, but when they are figured out, it just doesn’t last and they get what they deserve. Appreciate your kind comments and thank you again Samuel! Love your work and keep up the fine Godly Action!

    • Thank you Todd and appreciate your fine response old friend. Yes, I think some people kind of forget that and I am never saying it’s all about money, but even appreciation for helping someone is quite often overlooked and very rude / wrong on a range of practical and philosophical levels. Thank you again and hope you are well “Natural Toddness!”.

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