George Gilmour from his YouTube Video Promoting his Book "Less Risky Business". My hero of the day as to someone who understands the process and does Book Creation with Quality!

George Gilmour from his YouTube Video Promoting his Book “Less Risky Business”. My hero of the day as to someone who understands the process and does Book Creation with Quality!

Being a Professional Marketer for many years and then eventually being out on my own as a Marketing Mentor and Entrepreneur, I have been lucky to witness many cycles in the world.  The Birth of the Internet, The Death of Myspace, The Rise of Smart Phones, The Death of Blackberry (it’s coming) and The New Birth’s and Death’s that are coming.

One big almost “Fad” I saw last year (that has died off a bit) was that almost everyone I was speaking too was “Writing Books”.  I have brilliant friends like the amazing George Gilmour who are masters in their profession and are writing books of high quality, high interest who have put weeks of work, training and investment into their books to make them stand out with interest, integrity and power.

On the other side of the fence (and I am sorry poor Life Coaches – there is a problem here) there are far too many people releasing books that are either paltry when it comes to content and I have seen many cases where it’s simply regurgitation of stuff I can watch Motivational Speakers talk about for free on YouTube.  Comparing these horrors to George’s as my pedestal boy in this article I think most people don’t have any particular objective or personal passion in writing a book.  That is, they are writing a book because “Everyone Else” is and it hasn’t been linked to their Business or Marketing Objectives – in particular, it hasn’t been made part of any formal Business / Marketing Plan.

Then, they are doing it for the wrong motives – that is, just money and fame.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am a Persian Marketing Mentor from Inner West Sydney and I love Nice Cars, Big Houses and Fancy Restaurants like any other Middle Eastern Man (and I am sure most men!), but I make sure I only do what I love so the quality is just brilliant.  I think this metaphor is most readily played out with Coffee Shops.  You just know when an operator truly loves making coffee (and surprise, surprise it’s good and there is a massive line) and when someone is just selling hot black liquid for money (and you can fire a shot gun in their store and be comfortable you will only in trouble for damaging public property and discharging a firearm in public).

Even though I have been a Technical Author myself in a previous life, for me I have personally loved Article Writing / Blogging as my form of “Book”.  That is merely another way of getting great content out there and as an Online Author, I have picked up some great points which I think relate to both Physical Books, Kindle Books, Starting your Own Blog and such.  Check out my other articles for talking Blogging, however in terms of the original header talking books, this is what I see makes a brilliant book that Commercially Delivers:

1) Strategic Objective: Like George, they have a planned objective for the book.

2) Credible Enticing Content: Like George, it’s genuine, original content with unique compelling insights.

3) Built with Quality: Like George, a massive investment of time and money is made to get it right.

4) Specialized Training & Suppliers: Like George, you outsource what isn’t your natural specialty (e.g. Design, Proofing).

5) You Launch it: Like George, Launch it! (In process for the fine man).

6) Make it part of your overall business: Like George, You treat it as part of your longer term business objectives.

7) You Enjoy the process! Like George!

These are the top points from my end on doing a book well.  Now “Like George” is a big theme here – because I have seen him go through the process and approach it very professionally and with style!

I trust this one helps and thank you for the read! As always, make sure you check out the Awesome Marketing Vault – Our Online Course Full of Sales & Marketing Strategies done by yours truly and have an amazing day or night where you are!

With Gratitude from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, Entrepreneur and Man who Enjoys Online Articles & Blogging!



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