“Positive Thinking” & How the Government Dominates Us?

You Just Need to Be “More Positive”

The Government, The Greens and many leftist factions right are really taking over Australia and punishing the masses.  Two of their clever tricks are “Labelling” and “Positive Thinking”.

That is, if you aren’t a fan of the Carbon Tax – let’s say due to the ideas of jobs going overseas, weakening the economy or you just can barely afford to survive financially as it is – the Leftist and the Government just label us:

– “Anti-Environmentalists”.

– “Global Warming Deniers”.

– “Negative”

– Etc Etc.

It’s really sad in Australia how people in the Media and the Government is really limiting free speech.  That is, the minute we disagree with something – they just attack us with the other extreme.   Just because we don’t want to destroy the Australian economy – we get accused by the far left of crazy ideas that we love “Destroying Forests” or whatever.

Unfortunately, these people really understand how to use “Labelling” and “Positive Thinking” against us.  Because, unless we agree with them – they just use these horrible labels and call us “Negative” and make out we are “Bad” people and the like.

Then, if you get sucked into their arguments, they con you into just being “Positive” so you just become Passive and don’t question or do anything about it.  “Positive Thinking” can be dangerous in the wrong hands, they use it as a weapon to dampen people with opposing arguments. Be careful it’s a jungle out there! Remember, the Government and these Leftist Factions are political machines and experts in manipulation.  As long as you remain aware what they are doing – they won’t suck you in!

[Edward’s Comment years later: Oh yeah, Tony Abbott is Prime Minster.  Yeah! We won in the end, ha ha to all you silly socialists out there!]

Why do “Positive Thinkers” think Suffering is Wonderful?

The World isn’t always a Nice Place – Positive Thinkers need to “Wake Up & Smell The Coffee”

If I had a Australian Dollar, Euro, or even a few Yen for every time I have heard a “Positive Thinker” talk about how beautiful the world is – I would have more than enough to fly to the moon and back. A few people and books have talked about “Abundance Thinking” and how just through “Visualization” you can get whatever you want.

Hmmm.  That is an interesting concept. Why haven’t all the poor people in the world though about this before?

Wow this is so profound. I wish I got told this years ago. So are you saying that:

– If I am a poor Starving person in Africa, India or North Korea – all I have to do is visualize food and be positive and I will get a nice Fat Fried Chicken on my plate?

Well, yes – that is exactly what they are saying.  However, when I have this debate with people – there seems to be all these “Interesting Clauses & Exceptions” to protect their thinking in the case that any “Negative Person who doesn’t think Abundantly” attacks it.

For example, when I brought up this argument with someone who thought that money is “Just so easy to make”, their answer (after a 10 second Tony Abbott like pause) was to the effect of:

– You just have to be positive.

This is where the whole concept of the extreme of positive thinking completely breaks down and one must rational and realistic about things.  Positive Thinking is the type of logic that says that no matter what happens, just ignore reality and focus on “What you want it to be”.

I think examples such as World War II, Colonel Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein all back up the contrary quote of:

– “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke.

Besides extreme examples such as above, dangerous extremes of “Positive Thinking” can become incredibly hazardous when we have problems in our lives – and choose not to deal with them and just focus on “Positive Thoughts”.

Now, I know what some people who are reading this blog is saying.  Ed, you are “So Negative”, “You don’t think Abundantly”, you think in terms of “Scarcity”.  I know that, because I have heard people accuse me of this before.  When I turn around and ask them what they think of the world, I usually get some fake answer to the effect of:

– It’s a great and wonderful place.

That’s nice – so you think all the people suffering in the world and our society is “Wonderful?”.  That is what you are telling me? Would you care to re-phrase that? This is the key problem with “Positive Thinking” – it can put us into a state where we don’t take action to fix problems.  Like stopping evil people as above, fixing problems, solving issues in advance – you only pick that up by being “Critical’.

You can’t wish a broken arm away, just as much wishing you had $1,000 in your wallet doesn’t make it suddenly appear.  So I challenge the “Positive Thinkers” out there to come forward and prove me wrong! Show me how thinking of $1,000 put’s it into your wallet. I have unfortunately been sucked into extremes of “Positive Thinking” – usually as a means of people trying to (and unfortunately) successfully getting into my hip pocket.  Balance is king! Nothing beats Rationalism.

Why is it so Easy to Manipulate “Good Honest People”?

You’re Not Getting My Cake Naughty Kitty!

Great Guys with Bad Girls, Great Girls with Bad Guys, the Honest Friend and the Lying Friend – our society is filled with tons of examples of the “Good-Natured” person being taken for a ride or taken advantage of by the “Not-so-Good Natured” person for their own personal gain.

Depending on whether you know me or not (let alone agree with the next statement), I have considered myself a “Nice Person”.  I am certainly not perfect by any means, but I consider myself fairly Good-Natured, Helpful and the like.

I also have a range of friends which some are really really Good-Natured and Nice people – in fact, much more than little old me! One thing I have really started to pay attention to and become more aware of, is how you often get really nice people which are often the victims of predatory behaviour of people that are simply selfish shysters (or at the very least quite self-centered and care little for their good natured friend).

A good example of this is in a friend of a friend.  This man is very simple, incredibly good-natured however one that society would label as “Slow” (I certainly don’t think that, but it’s a common perception of this person).  This poor person has this so called “Girlfriend” that demands lots of money from him, stops him having an extra friends and especially having any other female friends is completely forbidden.  A “Positive Thinking” will tell a person in this situation, just to “Visualize” things improving.  But in this case, I can promise you a “Positive Thinker” here will get continually abused!

Yet, this girlfriend does what she damn well pleases and certainly doesn’t apply the same rules to herself!

Another great example was one of my own great friends who I have known since  I was 15. In her early 20’s she met this guy that she fell head over heels for her – and I am sure you know where I am going with this story – he took total advantage of her and broke her heart (and he damn well knew he was doing it too).

This makes me think, why is it so easy to manipulate “Good-Natured People?”. I think where this can be a problem is that if you are “Good-Natured” it’s easy to assume that everyone else is.  That is:

– Because I won’t steal that Ladies / Guys Purse or Wallet it means that no one will take mine.

That is a fairly natural assumption, i.e. if you don’t believe it’s fine to run around killing people, then why on earth would anyone harm you?

Unfortunately, you and I both know – this is just not how the world works and there are unfortunately some very dark (and in some cases very evil) people in this world that are expert manipulators which I bet some specialize in how to really take advantage of “Good-Natured” people. By learning this the hard way, I have realized it is great to be “Good-Natured” (as I would want to be any other way), however one cannot be naive in this day and age.

When you are just so “Damn Positive” and you “Visualize” all this great stuff and you are “So Damn Happy” and you just believe the “World is the best place” – and you take this to the extreme, you can really set yourself up for a complete disaster (as not only I, but many others of my good friends have).

By the same token, you wouldn’t swim in shark infested waters, because the “Sun is so nice”, and the “Water is so Warm” – that in essence what delusional extremes of “Positive Thinking” tells you to do. I think being “Truly Positive” is a great thing, however in this world you have to balance that with a good dose of “Realism” to ensure that you don’t get manipulated or sucked-in to some elses agenda!