Stuff that makes you happy

Hogan's Heroes - these guys helped define my childhood!

Hogan’s Heroes – these guys helped define my childhood!

After a long but very rewarding week; I hit the gym this morning to keep getting fitter and slim down (especially as we come into summer in beautiful Sydney).

It felt great and while I was working away, I could feel the stress, anxiety and the many jobs on my mind fading away into oblivion. Historically I have had problems with anxiety (fallout of my earlier condition of PTSD from my government days) so I am eternally vigilant in terms of staying health and living my life to keep it all in check.

Whilst I was working away at the gym I was feeling good after a short while. What took my smile to the next level was seeing an old episode of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ come up on the gym TV. There was no audio (as music was playing).

In knowing the episode, watching it immediately teleported me to the days of my childhood in watching Hogan’s Heroes religiously. I think it was on about 5PM or something like that and I would make sure I would be in front of the TV to enjoy the cunning antics of Hogan and his team against the bumbling and someone what colloborative Nazi’s (who were ironically played by American Jewish actors).

In short, it brought me right back to my childhood and even writing this article if making me smile. What I have learned over the years and successes in business is that as we become more successful, our workload and stresses can increase.

That has been the case for me and the answer is getting stronger, healthier, actively driving ones own emotional intelligence and enjoying life as much as you can.

My advice and thinking? We are all built differently so find out your thing that you just totally love. For me it’s games, spending time with my new growing family, South Park, American Dad, Family Guy and of course retweeting stuff about Donald Trump.

It’s critical that you stay happy and do stuff that makes you happy while walking your own unique road to success and self-actualization.

Love your work, thank you for the read, you rock Hogan’s Heroes and I do have to say this:

“I see Nothing, Nothing!”