Spend time with people. Crack their problems!

I love to listen intensely and it just works! (Image Credit to Dr. Phil)

I love to listen intensely and it just works! (Image Credit to Dr. Phil)

I am pumped and just finished a wonderful dinner with a new client to be.

We had a fantastic meeting at the Sofitel Wentworth and as I catch the train back to wonderful Parramatta from Sydney CBD; it’s got me thinking about business and how it all comes together.

One key thing I have found in business is how entrepreneurs try and ‘rush’ everything. Be it you only have 20 minutes to speak to a new potential client, or you try and do a job in just 25 minutes because you must and the like.

YES OF COURSE, time is money and I am all for that. However, I have found that spending extra time understanding people as part of them working with me is all worth it. Knowing people’s problems, getting into their heads, helping them out and doing what it takes all matters.

My advice and thinking? Spend as much time as you commercially can in getting to understand people. It works, it helps and it just rocks. As you make great friends with people, it winds up in referrals anyway!

Ask lots of questions, listen, give great answers and of course build great relationships, sign people up to what you do and keep winning.

I love it and it just works. Thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Image Credit to Dr. Phil!