Snapping into the mindset of a WINNER when you are terrified!!!

Star Wars Commander helps me snap out of it too. Do whatever it takes friends!

Star Wars Commander helps me snap out of it too. Do whatever it takes friends!

I have read countless articles out there on the mindset of a winner and they are good articles. I have got a lot out of them and I thank their wonderful authors.

However, what I rarely read about is how one develops the mindset of a winner when they are terrified out of their minds.

I am going to confess the truth to you in that I have been there. I have had times in my life and my business where I get down, get negative and worry about the future.

Even though my business grows, I have had times where good old fashioned ‘fear’ of the future kicks in, and the ‘dangers’ of uncertainty take over our minds. This to me is the time where we must become serious winners in how we think, how we operate and how our minds work.

I love to breakout of that negative, scarcity, defeatist and really ‘Debbie Downer’ thinking. The sooner we break out of it too, is the less it takes hold on us and we remain awesomely productive.

The three things I like to do whenever I feel negative about myself or the future to snap out of it is:

1)      Realise that you are doing it to yourself and it’s an emotional state that you can change. If I am tired or worked too hard too, it can trigger this (so some rest may help).

2)      Look at my Power Wall, focus on winning, staying strong, getting in the zone and shifting my consciousness and thinking.

3)      Praying to the wonderful Jesus for thanks, strength and guidance as I feel this way (if JC isn’t your thing friends, pray to your own view of God / the universe).

The more I clear my mind with a focus on winning, success and going hard is the quicker I snap out of it.

My advice and thinking? If you are prone to negative moods (I used to be much more years ago), really police your thinking and keep it positive.

I like to get well rested and clear my mind as much as possible, whilst staying focused on what I want and the wonderful future.

It works!

Enjoy, love your work and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Video games also work for me too. Do what it takes to snap you out of it.