Seeing the passionate expert Gabriella Kovac in action!

Gabriella Kovac rocks and I love her passion. Totally in the zone!

Gabriella Kovac rocks and I love her passion. Totally in the zone!

I have an eye for spotting talent. An incredibly strong eye for seeing those people who rise to the top.

I pick winners all the time and with the thousands of people I have worked with, you start to pick massive patters in behaviour and get a ‘feel’ for those who really know what they are doing.

Today, I was very lucky to finally meet one on one with Author Gabriella Kovac. I have known her for years and it was great to eventually sit down with her and learn her story, hopes, dreams and core ideas.

Gabriella is a Holocaust expert and she has a tragically rich family history and knowledge in this area. I have loved learning fragments of this dark side of human history over the years and her passion on this topic is incredible.

You can tell this is what makes her brilliant. Her natural passion for the topic makes her get deep into its ideas and by default leads her to becoming the expert.

My advice and thinking? Whatever you do, please be passionate about it. Passion is what gives us energy, keeps us going and makes us explore something inside out.

That is what makes us truly magnetic and rise to ‘Thought Leader’ status in what we do. Passionate people are always our leaders, our best pals and those we trust and listen too. I learned lots today!

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Thank you for the read, stay awesome and enjoy!