The Secret for Delivering a PROFITABLE 5 Star Workshop (thank you Parramatta College)

Parramatta College - we love their work!

Parramatta College – we love their work!

It’s 8:49PM and I have been working away non-stop all day and I have the vitality I do straight after my coffee this morning. The reason for this is because when one is winning, it’s easy to just keep winning.

I am very lucky to be winning (thank you JC + touch wood) and it’s because of the wonderful people I am surrounded by. Today we had an incredible “PROFITABLE Social Media Forum” hosted by the awesome Parramatta College (in Western Sydney). It was myself and Martha Arifin back again to help people win big.

Today’s workshop was some of our most brilliant work and I say this in terms of the immediate interest we received, the 5 Star review and just the great ‘feeling’ that was captured during the team photo.

Interestingly I have been processing why it was so good. It was the result of many great things done well. The Secret however to as to why it was so good can be summed up as follows:

–          It must have been at least the 100th workshop we have done!

Yes, from me speaking at events, to running workshops, as a rough guess I have done this at least 100 times. All this experience sits now deep in my subconscious brain in that I can deliver an incredible workshop experience now with relative easy.

Don’t get me wrong, some years ago it was so hard! My first workshops somewhat killed me, but now they are just so easy. Over the past 18 months, we have run at least 50 workshops and as we have done so many you just become great at them.

These days we do 2 a month and as you do them your experience keeps adding, adding and adding. When you do this many you can’t help to become BRILLIANT at them and that is the secret.

My advice and thinking? Do them all the time and you just become better and better.

And of course, love it. Your passion shall drive your success. Thank you for the read, here is to doing great workshop and a massive thanks again to Parramatta College for hosting us!

P.S. Visit the Parramatta College Website here!