A nice relaxing and calm walk on the streets of Manila has given me a great chance to work on my business mindset.  Such a positive enviornment here x x

A nice relaxing and calm walk on the streets of Manila has given me a great chance to work on my business mindset. Such a positive enviornment here x x

Spending time resting and thinking this fine Sunday in Manila has got me thinking about many things in my life.  I have spent at least 4 hours touring some of the main parts of this Developing Asian City and seen many amazing and yet equally shocking things.

If you know me outside of this blog, I am always “On the Go” and a “Very Busy” type of person.  I always get stuff done and taking time off is not something I really do (and to be totally frank – I have trouble with).  As I have been walking around The Good, The Bad and the Ugly parts of these equally kind & mean streets – I have had lots of time with my own thoughts to reflect on my life and thinking.

Having a Positive, Proactive Business Mindset is something that is very important to me that I have always valued in not just advising clients, but also in my own life.  I go into Business Mindset quite a bit in my fine Online Course the Awesome Marketing Vault, and it’s an area that I find myself continually working on.

As per some great Entrepreneurial Advice from Brad Burton (the Creator of 4Networking) – I have been spending lots of time policing my thought and listening to my inner dialogue – as in that tape of almost “Automatic” thinking going over and over in our minds.  I have been getting sensitive to positive things I say to myself on autopilot (such as you rock Edward and keep up the great work) and purely mean things that I say to myself (such as you suck Edward, you are hopeless and no one wants you – just lovely stuff x x).

As I interrupt my nonconstructive, poorly justified negative thoughts with constructive positive ones – overtime I find myself believing in myself more and feeling better about my own ability and potential to kick butt in business and life.  The trick is to always be on guard and making sure you are only thinking Constructive thoughts – as you “Catch” your thinking going the wrong way, the more you knock it back in the right direction makes it just that 0.1% easier for next time.

My thinking and realizations from this experience is that so few totally back themselves and the few that do are continually:

1) Policing their own thoughts: Not always running on Autopilot and correcting nonconstructive thinking.

2) Pumping in Positive Messages: Our world has naturally more negative than positive messages out there, so it’s great to balance the score and make it a fair game for our subconscious minds.

3) Being a Critical and Independent Thinker: Even when I started my business, I had so many critics telling me that I am a dumb-ass and I would never make it.  Most of them are back at work-full time and I chose to ignore people that weren’t helping me.

4) Understanding what Mistakes really are: [Quoting the Awesome Brad Burton] We all make mistakes and a mistake is only a mistake after an event.  Each of us make perfect decisions and non of us make a decision hoping that we are going to BEEP up.  The first time it’s a mistake, which is great – the second time is a choice!

That wisdom I think is purely amazing and I finally understand the importance of 100% BACKING YOURSELF.  Only when we truly believe in what we are doing, do we do it with passion, contribution and really leading with awesome quality and performance = hence creating conditions where we are likely to make more money with happier clients!

My advice? Think about what you are thinking and constantly steer it in the direction that most best serves you and your objectives.  It makes it easier each time! And of course, for some Fine Small Business Marketing, Sales & Mindset – make sure you visit my Awesome Marketing Vault right here (I so love getting that one into my articles x x).

Have a great day or night everyone and it’s time for me to rest before emerging from the Pan Pacific Hotel in Manila to find me some nice food!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Man Travelling!


P.S. Hope you like this fine video of me above on the streets!



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