I had a crazy day and in these moments great people can help support your mindset.  This Awesome Security Guard who kept giving me directions is my dedication of this article.  Awesome people make you awesome!

I had a crazy day and in these moments great people can help support your mindset. This Awesome Security Guard who kept giving me directions is my dedication of this article. Awesome people make you awesome!

Saturday evening I sit in the Pan Pacific Hotel in Manila writing this article.  I am weary as I write it – but equally inspired from massive lows, highs and life changing experiences around me.

My Business Trip has been life changing on multiple levels.  I have been lucky to work with some leaders in their respective fields on one level and on another it’s been a massive Personal Development Gain with knowledge that just cannot be learned from Books and Study.

Manila has a population of 12 Million Plus People and is the Capital of Philippine’s – a very “Developing Nation Country”.  During my Business Trip basically going around the world I have had some some shocking times that have tested my “Business Mindset” out big time.  In my Online Course The Awesome Marketing Vault, I have a Section dedicated to Business Mindset too.  Sure, I teach Small Business Marketing – but this trip has totally reinforced to me the importance of having a clear mind and being able to focus your thoughts when things go against you.

So here is my release, I had to fly from London to Manila and by flying the “awesome airline” Emirates (which I used to love and this experience has tested my relationship with them) I had to go via Dubai.  My own flight was late and I barely made my plane.

That is, I was running like kid feeling police with a “Hot VCR” (if you know what that is, you are getting old like me) and saw the Final Boarding Call.  When I arrived in the very dilapidated Manila Airport, I knew there was no way my luggage was on there.

Basically, I had to line up for about 1 hour and the clothes that I have been travelling in I wore for a day of Jet-Lagged sight seeing around Manila.  A few people ripped me off too, I was really hot in my old clothes and part of me was going crazy.  The rational part of me knew it was temporary and I was carefully controlling my focus on the good things, the experience, the fun, the new things and the opportunity to travel like this.

Very much my brain was like a Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde.  It was quite a neuron fire-fight and the more I controlled my focus, the better I was in coping with the situation.  I even had a great day, sure I got ripped off a bit – but I had a great time seeing the sights and even visited the Manila Pistol range and fired 41 x rounds (I have still got it in me – and like my old government days, I always drift low and to the left).

In a business context (as I was conjuring up writing this blog all day) it made me think about times where we can easily let our emotions get the better of us.  Say being Rejection, Afraid of where your next Sales are coming in, worried about how someone is going to react to you and how you are keeping up with all those wonderful bills coming in.

Brad Burton (the Managing Director of 4Networking) is one amazing operator and I got to spend some time with him.  He totally gets this point and his Mastery of this topic has been rubbing off on me big time.  “Police your thoughts”, “Control where they go”, “Whether you think you are going to fail or succeed is all made up anyway as it’s the future, so just think you are going to succeed and you will”.  It sounds very obvious, but this time I heard it I have really taken it to the next level to integrate it into my psyche.

The big revelation to me on this topic is that you have to keep pushing your thoughts the right way at times a bit like a Shopping Trolley on the loose. Sure, you may have a great Trolley at times – but when you don’t, you can still keep it going straight with conscious effort and strength. The Top Strategy and insight for me is exactly that, keep “Pushing your thoughts” in the right direction when they are straying. The more you do that, the easier it gets and the less you have to do it more in future!

So that is my article! I hope you enjoyed it and Business Mindset is a critical part of Success Small Business Marketing & Sales in my view.  The better you feel, the better you Market and that means more dollars and success.  Feel free to visit my Awesome Marketing Vault too if you are up for Instant Access to my fine Online Course!

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Man Learning Heaps from Manila!


P.S. Hope you enjoyed my fine video today in the thick of it too!



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  1. When writing articles 🙂 It is always important to be grammatically correct. New clients may feel they are being ripped off with poor composition. Oh yes and no matter where you go in the Philippines, you’ll always find some one willing to rip you off ..

    • That is true and for sure! I consider that I spent $150 AUD in “Street Training”, now I have got my certificate I even gave some tips to other new people here. I love my grammar too x x

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