My big lesson over the years? Innovative and Grow. Pure & Simple!

My big lesson over the years? Innovative and Grow. Pure & Simple!

If I have learned anything in business over the past years in business is the importance of pumping out new ideas all the time. I don’t mean when one feels like it, I don’t mean when you get up to it – I mean all the time.

After one awesome meeting with Public Speaking Mark Kyte today, we spoke at length about exactly that – new technology. I was talking about the latest things I have learned Live Webinar, Online Products and the like. Mark shared some very creative and unique takes on Workshops, Live Webinar Programs and ideas that I found very enviable and great to speak about.

This got my brain performing on a higher level and thinking about many things. In short:

– Wow, I have learned so much and pushed so hard & far in the last year – if I didn’t I would be in trouble!

That was exactly that. I am able to work incredibly well with clients in that I have been pushing my own knowledge and thinking. My industry of Marketing (in particular Online) moves at such a rapid pace and if I wasn’t doing it myself, there¬†is no way at all I would be able to keep up the requirements of my clients.

This gets me thinking about my clients and my business in that, “What if I wasn’t always learning new ideas and being innovative?”

One obvious answer is that my business wouldn’t grow, I wouldn’t be current and I’d be outdated very quickly.

This got me thinking on a deeper level and the company ‘Kodak’ immediately came to mind. Weren’t they a massive company that once ruled the market and went broke? Yes.

What about Nokia? Didn’t they once own the mobile phone market and disappear and get bought about by Microsoft? Then Microsoft dropped the ‘Nokia’ name out of total embarrassment? Yes.

(Showing my age) – I remember when IBM owned the PC Hardware Market and they did nothing about it and died over time. Did they almost go broke? Yes.

These are extreme examples, but to men tell a very scary and potent story in itself. In a negative way, lack of innovation can be the end of you.

Talking to the positive, look at Microsoft today. Sure they made some mistakes a few years back but look at them now. The Surface 3 Pro, Microsoft 365, XBOX, Minecraft and these great innovations of theirs. Their Marketshare and Profitability is on the rise because they are innovating.

Bringing it back to you and me – my lessons and thinking? If you don’t innovative you will eventually turn into Kodak, Nokia & IBM. If you do innovate, you can grow succeed & have fun. Mark Kyte is a man of innovation & nice is all I can say.

This sounds good to me! Nothing like growing and making a buck at the same time.

Thanks for the read, hope you enjoyed this one and Stay Awesome!

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