The World is Full of Great People and 'Raiders'. Smile, but defend yourself and your friends from those who take!

The World is Full of Great People and ‘Raiders’. Smile, but defend yourself and your friends from those who take!

I love Sydney. It’s one Awesome place full of great people. After losing the farm and getting washed up some years back, my life in Sydney has gone from Strength to Strength and I owe the lot to the great community around me.

As I remember back to when I first arrived in Sydney to start my life again, I look back now and think “Oh Boy, I was naive then!”

When I got into business I really started seeing the underbelly of some. I would say that 9 out of 10 people are awesome, but you get those 1 out of 10 pure scum-bags that do all sorts of things to everyone.

A key issue of theft that I have seen is quite simply when people don’t pay their bills and rack up debts they never pay. Sure, we can run out of funds at times and bills can get delayed – but I am talking about something else.

This is the type of people that intentionally use suppliers and have no intent to pay whatever they rack up. I have lost count of how many this has happened to over the years and it’s purely tragic. You even get some people that go from one supplier to another racking up bills with no intent to ever pay (sadly I have seen this happen a lot in the construction industry – it can send whole small businesses tragically broke).

What got me thinking about this in total humour is this game I am playing by the name of ‘Fallout Shelter’. It’s part of the Fallout Video Game Franchise (which I think is totally awesome) and it’s a game on iPhone and Android.

Basically you are controlling an ‘underground vault’ where people live after a nuclear war. You are responsible for feeding them, ensuring there is clean water (or they get radiation poisoning), training them, ensuring they are happy and also protecting from ‘Raiders’ and ‘Deathclaws’ that attack.

As you play the game (I really encourage you to download it) you get frequent attacks by ‘Raiders’. They are basically the bad guys of the Fallout Series that are into cannibalism, murder and steal from everyone they come across. In this phone game, they come and hit you at times and if you aren’t careful – they will steal your resources or kill your people.

This got me thinking about business and there was some cross over. You have people who are just purely awesome and some who are purely evil. Like people stealing from others and those that destroy people to get what they want – there has to be the time where we stand up to them.

In the image (above) a Raider is getting what she deserves by one of my girls armed with a Laser Pistol. I had to get a screenshot and it reminded me a bit of life. You work hard, do your thing – and every now and then someone comes with intent to take it unfairly from you.

This is where you must be strong and ready to defend yourself and your friends. If you don’t, they will take and take and take till there is nothing left. I know this may sound ‘sad’ but it’s very true today.

The truth is that most people are awesome, but some are clearly not. If you aren’t careful with these type of people – they can really hurt you, your friends and your family.

My advice & thinking? Be strong, be abundant and be ready to defend yourself. Be it someone backstabbing you, not paying your bills or the like – I have known people to miss House / Mortgage Payments because of their clients not paying them. You also need to keep an eye out for your friends too.

The more we keep the ‘bad guys’ in check, the better is it for everyone.

Thank you for the Read and Stay Vigilant & Awesome!

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