Life will test you in all sorts of ways. Stand proud, be strong and be fair! (Like Microsoft is to me. They rock).

Life will test you in all sorts of ways. Stand proud, be strong and be fair! (Like Microsoft is to me. They rock).

I have had a very awesomely crazy few months in my business lately. I have been blessed to do some amazing things, have some great new clients join the the community and run some great events and the like.

It’s got me thinking, I have pushed myself very hard and also have been blessed to have some great people and friends supporting me as I do them. Most people have just been fantastic!

As I reflect over the years, I have had say maybe a good 5 – 10 instances where people have really tried to take advantage of my good nature. This can vary from lightest of someone using up my time, right through to people using my services – promising to pay and never doing (I bet you may relate to that one).

As an Entrepreneur, you get people every now and then and you have to be careful about people that aren’t looking after your interests – but they want to get a piece of you.

It’s tragic, it still bugs me to this day and it happens. You will get people every now and then that don’t have necessarily the same ethics / value system you have. I am a strong believer in win / win and reciprocity – and it’s a dangerous (and incorrect) assumption thinking that everyone else is like me.

Most people are and you just gotta be careful every now and then! If you feel if someone is going too far and not rewarding you for the work you are doing, I have learned it’s really important to speak up. It’s critical to get your fair share and make sure all your details are win / win.

If you say are not delivering enough for a relationship, then get to work! Deliver, reward and help people. Equally speaking, if someone isn’t delivering for what you put in – demand fair treatment, fight for it and get it.

It’s been a big lesson of mine and something that is a must to know as a business owner.

My advice? Be fair and enforce it as a 2 way street. You must be fair and you must be treated fairly. You will be very happy by this and trust me on this one – don’t go quiet and learn the hard way.

Thanks for the read, love your work, please share and stay awesome!

P.S. Happy Easter too!



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