Owning a Cat makes you more money. Really it does! At least read my argument before completely writing me off as a nut job LOL

Owning a Cat makes you more money. Really it does! At least read my argument before completely writing me off as a nut job LOL (this is “Honey Cat” pictured).

Hello Awesome People!

If you have clicked onto this article and are reading it, I bet you are either thinking this is “Just Clickbait to get me to read this article” or even think I maybe have ran out of Blog Topics to write about…Ha!

I can assure that both of those points may have some truth to them, however the bulk of this article is based on sound judgement and reasonable wisdom. I have been proud to love and look after many cats in my lifetime, (in various households) and today I have my own Cat named “Honey Cat” or “Chairman Meow” as I like to call him.

He is a great cat whom my better half and I fell in love with and rescued from the RSCPA Shelter recently as a very young kitten. And for me, having a cat really keeps me sane.

Working in a Small Business by yourself (especially when you have tons of alone time) from home is wonderful and awesome – and yet sometimes it can be quite lonely. I don’t mean that in some extreme depressive sense or anything like that (as working from home rocks and I love being an entrepreneur), but more in the respect that your home can get very quiet at times and sometimes its good to have a stress relieve and a bit of a distraction throughout the day.

When I first moved in to my new place a few months ago, I worked in silence and there was ‘No Cat’ and during the day it was very very quiet, including me ;P. Sometimes it was just boring, but from the day “Honey Cat” moved in, it’s been totally awesome! He chases me around, I look after him, he sleeps with me / on my lap and the attention I get from him (and give back) really keeps me sane, mellow and relaxed.

There are also of course the countless studies about pet owners being happier human beings, more focused, mentally healthier and the like,  and I totally agree! If you have a cat, it’s very hard to get lonely (hence the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’) and I find that “Honey Cat” really keeps me smiling all the time, be more productive during the day and gives me a greater flow of creative ideas.

So bringing it back to being a Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur – in answering the question “Is a Cat a Profitable Marketing Strategy?”, I SAY YES!

Anything that keeps you focused, smiling, productive and generating new ideas is totally awesome and totally worth it. Not to mention how cuteness is great at generating online social media attention!

My advice and thinking? If you are working from home and are feeling flat, stressed, quiet or even lonely – get a great pet that you can connect with. The pounds & the RSPCA have an endless stream to give away (tragically too, the ones who don’t get adopted usually are terminated)at a low cost, so it’s a great place to rescue a poor animal off ‘Death Row’, learn to care for animals and have fun at the same time. They have animals of all sizes and shapes to suit your preferences, and most of the time these animals have not been through any hardship or mistreatment, they just really need a new home.

Here is to Cats! Yes, I am now officially the ‘Crazy Cat Man’!

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia signing out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.




2 Responses

  1. to one crazy cat person to another I agree. Cats are great.
    I / we have a very large “work” street wild cat. he walked in one day (6 years ago made him self at home) and has became part of our factory and store.
    Great marketing! I manufacture and sell school uniforms, the kids always “want to go the shop where the cat is mummy” my islander families always get a giggle when they ask where’s he from and I answer New Zealand because of his size (8+kg)the local all come buy for a pat and cuddle. I and him “Handsome Samson” have a great time.
    Look forward to meeting you at Bankstown Council breakfast next month.
    cheers Connie

    • That is really cool Connie and I love your story. A “Wild Cat” who is all yours now. That sounds great and very cute! Yes my cat keeps me sane and I love it. Can’t wait till I meet you too and till then!

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