Connect with Julie Crockett. Inpsiriational character. I love her work!

Connect with Julie Crockett. Inspirational character. I love her work!

I am a massive fan of Property Investor & Specialist Julie Crockett.

She is a big shot in the Sydney Business scene and I was very grateful to be invited to one of her events tonight.

It was hosted at the beautiful offices of Shadforth Financial Group, and it provided incredible content and knowledge on investing, money and property.

I loved what she’s about, and it was a powerhouse night talking about money and wealth.

This got me thinking and even more inspired that I am already am:

–          I want even more wonderful profitable high value clients!

A great business income for us as wonderful entrepreneurs starts with happy high value clients. I can tell you now, that we don’t want ones at the bottom end. Poor quality clients take up all your time, spend very little, don’t appreciate you and are no fun.

High value clients on the other hand are just wonderful and I love them (and they love me).

My advice and thinking? I want to buy many Investment Properties and Julie Crockett’s wonderful services are on my bucket list. To do that, I need more money and that comes from doing a great job with happy high value clients. This is already happening for me beautifully in 2018 and it’s come from lots of improvements to my business.

This has included many things such as stepping up my own game, meeting more people, running workshops, fishing in the right ponds, continual improvement and more. It’s all gradually coming together. If you need the right clients, you may have to make some big changes in your business like I once did. Worth it!

Julie, I love your work. You gave me great profitable inspiration tonight.

>> Check out Julie’s Australian Property Investment Solutions Website here!

Enjoy and go for it friends!



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