PIZZA! Everyone loved it at our Meetup HQ event!

The Pizza's and Salad hit the mark at Meetup HQ event. Nice!

The Pizza’s and Salad hit the mark at Meetup HQ event. Nice!

We had our wonderful Meetup HQ tonight at WeWork Pyrmont. This is our regular event where we bring wonderful Meetup Group Leaders along for a night of networking, fun, strategies from Meetup Global and of course; food!

The wonderful team from Meetup New York give us a $50 USD budget to spend every time. This is great on many levels in that $50 USD gives enough room for some food and it’s US Dollars!

After trying a few options, we took the easiest shot of them all – ordering Pizza from Domino’s.

I honestly had my doubts, perhaps I won’t order Garlic Bread again (people didn’t eat it), but the Pizza’s were a total hit and THEY WERE DESTROYED.

I got a Margarita, Ham & Cheese and Pepperoni and they were extremely popular. I also purchased 2 x $5 salads from a nearby Coles that worked great with the Pizza. They were also the ‘Value Pizza’s’ from the Domino’s range to help me stretch my food dollar further.

People were happy!

My advice and thinking? If you are running an event with a great group size and you have room for food, go the Pizza and salad. Popular and highly recommended.

Love your work, thank you for the suggestion Sharon Grant and stay awesome friends!