Profitable, Brilliant, Fun and Serious - Parramatta Chamber is an amazing environment of like-minded business owners!

Profitable, Brilliant, Fun and Serious – Parramatta Chamber is an amazing environment of like-minded business owners!

Parramatta Chamber (covering Western Sydney) is one top Business Chamber that I have been lucky to be a partner of for several years now. They are over 110 years old, but make no mistake – it’s has a youthful energy with very credible business people.

Over the years I have made some amazing profitable connections, picked up big clients, got some amazing gigs and had a great time.

Tonight got me thinking about business networking on a much deeper level.

I was very lucky to help build lots of 4Networking Australia (with many groups from scratch) during my time as 2IC there. In every group I built with my fine teams at the time, having ‘Profitable Fun’ was always the motto.

That is attending such an event was:

– A Profitable Experience & a Commercially Justifiable Use of Ones Time

– It was sustainable

– People want to go not because ‘they have too’, but because ‘they love too’.

This worked incredibly well during my few years at 4Networking and bringing it back to Parramatta Chamber, it has that similar type of experience. Make no mistake, they have serious events in that they are professionally, incredibly well run and awesome – however they are lots of fun.

This is the perfect type of experience I think many of us seek as Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs. There are a lot of pressures on us to perform right from keeping ourselves motivated, to serving clients and Sales & Marketing for new clients.

Like any business, there are things we don’t want to do and there are things that we want to do. When I started our networking, I was in a networking group that was no fun and made me no money. This really sucked and I worked very hard to find what I call profitable fun experiences. That is, it’s great for the business, great for everyone around me and enjoyable.

Parramatta Chamber is exactly this – full of great positive people who are successful, inspiring and of course interested in hiring awesome people that can hire them.

My advice and thinking? If you are in or working Western Sydney check out Parramatta Chamber and some of their rocking events. A cool spot for awesome people (so join us).

Love your work, keep up the great stuff and Stay Awesome!



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  1. There is a definite positive vibe in Parramatta at the moment… the room was buzzing with people looking & wanting to do business. Great night at a great venue

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