It can be easy to have some rough times in business and hold it all inside. All I can say is that is not a good idea and it's critical to have great friends and mentor supporting you!

It can be easy to have some rough times in business and hold it all inside. All I can say is that is not a good idea and it’s critical to have great friends and mentor supporting you! (Thank you to Fallout and Vault Boy for the image use).

Hello Awesome People!

Being in one’s own Small Business can be a massive challenge when it comes to working on big projects, dealing with stress and often “Feeling Alone” in that process.

Even though I am a “Marketing Mentor”, I am very grateful that people trust me to open up to me and tell me some of their biggest secrets. I am of course like a Vault when it comes to information and it’s sadly common for me to see awesome people who are really stressed out and at their wits end.

I generally hear sad tragic stories from people once a day and quite often as people tell me what’s happened to them you can see an instant flair of relief and satisfaction come their way. In having been there myself several times too, it can be very easy to just “Build Up” stress wise.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that this is obviously a very bad thing from several viewpoints. Firstly it’s not a lot of fun. Secondly, it’s bad for your health. Thirdly, if you are building up stress it’s usually not a sign of massive profitability going on in the business.

Besides being a mentor myself, this has taught me as to the importance of really having someone you can talk too. Be it hiring a Coach / Mentor / Consultant yourself, having a great friend on a similar par or even being good at solving your own issues – it’s critical to have someone to talk too.

It can be very common (I see people do this all the time) to assume it’s just only them feeling that way. When I explain there are many like themselves going through exactly what they are going through, it often provides an immediate sense of relief and satisfaction. Besides helping solve their problems from a marketers viewpoint, by people speaking their problems out in the open – it gives them an opportunity to not only release the “Negative Vibes” but also consider logical solutions to problems & even consider a new direction.

My advice? Being in business for yourself can be a lonely experience so make sure you have great friends and support. Speak to them, be an ear for them – and of course work out how you can both help each other. I personally have had a lot of great marketing innovations / ideas come to me this way.

Love you work, keep at it and here is to one keeping a level head!

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor who loves helping Entrepreneurs & Business Owners master their marketing and pick up plenty of high value profitable clients.

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