The Order of Saint John, Australia Website. It's out and love it.

The Order of Saint John, Australia Website. It’s out and love it.

It’s been a night of mystery, meeting and excitement after returning from a Chapter Meeting with the Order of Saint John. I have been in the Order for what must have been coming up to a year now and it’s been great doing official charity work.

Many people have seen me in my very medieval Red Robe and have heard about my involvement with ‘The Templars’ (which is technically inaccurate when I say that, but people get it) and wondered exactly what I do.

Well, the new website is out and I can actually answer you. With thanks to Martha Arifin for her fantastic work, after months of heavy development, approvals, reviews and the like – it’s out:

>> Visit the Order of Saint John Website Here

It has full Mobile Responsive Design, Great Colours, Impressive Graphics and it loads quickly. My idea of a fantastic website. It is still somewhat of a blank canvas, so there are going to be lots of great updates to come.

Enjoy learning about the order, what I do, please share and stay awesome!



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