The opportunity to connect with the BRILLIANT (thank you Laura Moore)

Tea time with Laura Moore in Sydney's Potts Point - love her work and a total inspiration!

Tea time with Laura Moore in Sydney’s Potts Point – love her work and a total inspiration!

A few weeks back I went to Nicole Davidson’s book launch. It was a great experience that I wrote about in a previous blog which not only inspired me to *perhaps* write a book one day; but got me connected to some incredible people.

You can often tell the brow of someone by their friends and based on this logic; Nicole is incredibly high brow. I met quite a few of her friends, reconnected with some old great people and I was mindful of the real magnetic connections I made.

Then like all things; I followed up immediately with emails (the next morning from memory), Facebook Friend Requests, LinkedIn Added Connections and a few conversations started.

With one wonderful character, I felt totally on the same wavelength as her. That is she was easy to talk too, very intelligent, kind, co-operative and open to always meeting new people (perhaps it’s a mirror of myself?).

As we spoke, I suggested meeting for coffee or lunch and it was just a week and a bit later in which we met up in the beautiful (yet very dense) suburb of Potts Point in Sydney (Potts Point is an interesting suburb in that it’s incredibly affluent, but you just walk literally 300 – 450 meters and you are in the infamous Kings Cross of Sydney).

Laura Moore and I met near the dandelion foundation in-between Kings Cross & Potts Point and found a wonderful café slightly up in Potts Point. It was packed inside and it had 1950’s school tables outside, so did we want coffee and sweets or what?

We grabbed a seat, the kind waitress took an epic photo and we started exchanging great ideas and helping each other. Laura’s energy, kindness, style and affluence certainly rubbed off on me (I could use every bit of style I can get lol) and as she is incredibly British; I was able to invite her to the next powerhouse Australian British Chamber of Commerce Event. We uploaded out photo on Facebook, it must have hit at least 1,000 people and this all started by a ‘chance’ meeting at Nicole’s book launch.

The years have taught me that you have these chance meetings quite often and it’s critical to pounce on them to start building a friendship / great business relationship. Someone has to ask first and someone has to run with it and say YES to make it happen. This paves the way for many things from new clients, more referrals, great times, inspiration for blog posts and even great photos on Facebook.

My advice and thinking? Get out there, meet great people and make the move for coffee / lunch. It’s fun, wonderful and only GREAT things can happen from there.

After all, wonderful people like Laura are in limited supply! I love her work and can’t wait to learn more about her fine Coaching Ability and her super projects to come. Get out there, explore and make the first move.

Love your work, thank you for the read and love your work Laura Moore – to big things ahead!