An offer from Servcorp North Sydney: 20% off all facility bookings

The awesome Hayley in action at Servcorp North Sydney. We love her work!

The awesome Hayley in action at Servcorp North Sydney. We love her work!

As you may be aware, I am a massive fan of Servcorp. They are the world’s best Serviced Office concept and I don’t say that out of bias or emotion; I speak that to a massive truth.

Their staff rocks, their premises rock, their pricing is very fair and more so – it’s a great environment in which we have done business and completely excelled. One of my friends and business colleagues (we have known each other for 6 years plus now) is the awesome Hayley Mackintosh.

I met here when she was a receptionist at Servcorp and now she is the General Manager of Servcorp North Sydney. It’s a beautiful property and we have been holding our Marketing Forums there in 2016.

As a trusted friend, she sent us through this offer that is open to our fine community. Copied straight from her email, enjoy:


Good Afternoon Edward, Martha & Mark,  

It was lovely seeing you again today at the PMF free workshop today; hosted at Servcorp North Sydney.  

Thank you for your continued support of Servcorp. Please see below exclusive offer valid until 31st December 2016.

I thought we would provide an exclusive offer to you, as the wonderful PMF organisers! This promotion will run until the end of 2016; whereby you will receive 20% off all bookings at Servcorp North Sydney. To receive this exclusive offer on your bookings, simply contact myself or my colleague Nicolette on +61 2 8019 7000 or via email and mention the offer code: PMF-NSM2016

Included in the information provided today, is a 1 hour complimentary meeting voucher that is also valid until 31st December 2016. Complimentary casual booking fee included in this offer.

So there you go friends:

Don’t they rock? What a fantastic offer. Details are all there and if it appeals to you; feel free to take it up or book a tour of the premises with them.

Love your work, thanks for the read and thank you Servcorp North Sydney!