The Watershed Identity Forum at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park Rocked.  I so love that venue!

The Watershed Identity Forum at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park Rocked. I so love that venue!

If you have spoken to me in the real world or read my previous articles, you probably have found me to be a massive fan of the Novotel Hotel Experience.  I have stayed in many Worldwide and talking more Sydney, I have been very fortunate to run quite a few Workshops and Conferences at the Awesome Novotel Olympic Park.

As a general departure from Sales & Marketing, I just want to say how brilliant (yet again) I find Novotel Sydney Olympic Park from a range of points of view.  Before you think Accor have paid me to do this or are a client or anything – they are not! In my blogging experience I enjoy praising as much as I do shaming (and it’s better for my soul praising of course).

Today with a friend of mine Chris Waters, I was very lucky to be part of his Forum / Workshop helping business owners develop Profitable and Compelling Identities. We had a great workshop crowd and we all felt at the end:

“Yep.  Novotel.  Olympic Park.  Perfect Choice”.

The reasons why I have always rated the Novotel in particular when it comes to Conferences / Events were proven to me today in that:

1) The Venue was perfectly setup.

2) Upon Arrival they Conference Staff Checked in.

3) Everything was done perfectly as planned.

4) The room was beautiful and the venue was great.

5) The staff would check in over again.

6) They even gave me another parking pass when we didn’t order it to begin with (for me!).

7) The pricing was very fair.

8) It’s Olympic Park.

9) It’s Novotel.

10) It’s Novotel Olympic Park!

So there is my ultra-wrap of the team there.  I am usually being critical in my articles or suggesting marketing ideas – and just giving true and well-deserved praise is making me feel this article just “Isn’t Complete”.  In order for me to say something “Over-the-top” so I feel closure, I will make this statement:

“Novotel Olympic Park is the best in Sydney and they are totally awesome”.

Great! I have made an extreme statement that will offend a few people out there.  Yay! Thank you again for reading this article and appreciation to Accor and the Team of great people there.

Thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Novotel Lover!



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