Hugh Vu is 'The Healthy Asian' by a long shot. A brilliant visual concept which reflects what he does, makes a great impact and gets a laugh!

Hugh Vu is ‘The Healthy Asian’ by a long shot. A brilliant visual concept which reflects what he does, makes a great impact and gets a laugh!

In this article I wish to praise an awesome business operator by the name of Hugh Vu.  He is a very kind, courteous and friendly man who I have met through the amazing 4Networking Business Community.

I have always liked him and in using a bit of Racial Oriented Humour, I am the “Loud Mouth Persian” and he is the “Quiet Hard Working Asian”.  I was lucky to work with him and help him with a new concept for his business.  Basically, he is part of a Global Distribution Company that has a massive array of goods (including Health Products).  Our smart colleague Martha Arifin made a great pick and suggested to Hugh that he instead of marketing the lot, he picks part of the range he is really good at (a great lesson here).

That was Health Products.  If you meet Hugh Vu in person, the first thing you see is how healthy he in.  Not just slim, but a strong shape and he is a guy that looks healthy and happy.  When I was speaking with him, we needed a concept to really make the different and make him stand out against the competition out there.

In the Vietnamese Suburb Cabramatta (Western Sydney) he took me to a great Asian Place and we were working on an approach and “Identity” to make him really stand out.  It then hit us as we spoke about the show Family Guy (which is full of Racial Humour).  Out came the identity to wrap Hugh up in a funny way to the market:

“The Healthy Asian”.

We immediately laughed, we know we nailed it and I bumped into him tonight at seminar and I saw his brilliant new cards.  It’s this funny cartoon of him with weights, thumbs up, a smile saying “The Healthy Asian”.

It got giggles, laughs and great engagement and Hugh’s brilliant work got me thinking about what it takes in Marketing, Design and Imagery these days.  You want to look awesome, you want to look the part and you want to look super professional (yet approachable at the same time).

My advice? Take a leaf out of Hugh’s book.  Have a great, fun and compelling brand that suits you and your business – one that practically sells yourself!

Thank you for the kind read and have a great day / night awesome friends!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and “Crazy Persian” who loves “The Healthy Asian!”



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