The New Servcorp Community (thank you Hayley Mackintosh)

The awesome Hayley Mackintosh showing us how to win big with 'The Servcorp Community'. Impressive.

The awesome Hayley Mackintosh showing us how to win big with ‘The Servcorp Community’. Impressive.

Today has been yet another incredible day for our team and community. It’s 4:35PM as I write this blog in North Sydney, quite ‘happily tired’.

Business has been just fantastic lately and we have been winning so much and today we ran our Profitable Marketing Forum with the awesome Hayley Mackintosh and her team at Servcorp North Sydney.

Interestingly though, my friend Hayley had a little ‘Easter Egg’ announcement for us in relation to Servcorp. The ‘Servcorp Community’ is out giving everyone a global platform to connect with over 35,000 people around the planet.

I am checking this out now myself and I just had to share this with you hot off the press. Straight from Hayley herself:

The Servcorp Community: Click to join online; with BONUS first month free!

We’d love you to join at North Sydney, however feel free to choose one of our 11 Sydney locations that best suits you.

The Servcorp Community is one of the largest private business communities in the world. It allows you to connect, collaborate and come together with over 35,000 fellow imagineers globally.

Among many other features, you will also find high-level content through curated articles, deep-knowledge forums, discounts, global events and much more.

My advice and thinking? Check this out right now. Servcorp not only is an AWESOME serviced office concept, they have nailed the Online world too.

Love your work, enjoy, thank you Servcorp & Hayley and stay awesome!