My Power Food before Public Speaking

The berries and fruits got me in the zone for a Profitable Marketing Meetup. I love it!

I have been asked lots lately as to how I prepare for my public speaking and events.

These days I speak at least once a week at an event, with this only set to increase in the coming years. As I do so much speaking (and have great Mentors), I have been able to learn all the inside tricks to powerhouse public speaking.

One key ritual of mine is the food that I eat prior. Firstly, I take it easy on food that day before. Secondly, I take it easy on the day of speaking. Thirdly and finally; I enjoy cards and lots of natural sugars.

What has worked great for me is eating a mixture of fruit and dried fruit prior. I love the good old dates and sultanas (remembering my Middle Eastern heritage) and regular fruit. I find this keeps me feeling good, light and totally pumped for an incredible event.

My advice and thinking? If you are speaking at say an evening, keep it easy on the food that day. Carbs are the way to go, and avoid things like Potato Chips, heavy meals, too much dairy and the like.

This has helped bring my speaking up to the next level and it just works. Find your own power mix and enjoy friends.

Love your work 😊