My Marketing & Growth INCREDIBLE; the reasons WHY!

It takes a lot of different moves to win - including lots of wonderful friends!

It takes a lot of different moves to win – including lots of wonderful friends!

Even though my business has always grown steadily, the last 3 – 6 months have been incredible (in particular this December and January). In the last 2 weeks also I have been blessed with more clients than ever joining my community that any equivalent period historically and I am asking myself “WHY?”

If we are losing in business I like to ask why and if we are winning in business I like to ask why because unless we understand the mechanics involved, there is no way we can replicate it.

As I am winning and winning big right now, I have been working very hard in doing lots of analysis on my business to really understand this dynamic. There are lots of factors and the results of my research in one sentence is:

– People love what we do, the Marketing Strategy is great supported and well supported by great Face to Face Selling.

If I break that down to give you more substance, this is what I have found on a more detailed level by strategy:

  • Business Networking & Face to Face: Going to great events, all the time, meeting wonderful people with plenty of great meetings.
  • Facebook: Advertising Campaign is working great and sharing great content onto Business & Personal Page.
  • LinkedIn: Full of powerful content all the time (sharing blogs) and making new connections with a top looking profile.
  • Email Marketing: A second to none program of great emails, quality information with usually 2 x week.
  • Live Webinars: Always been a hit that slowly burns away in the background.
  • Sydney CBD Workshops: Running great workshops in Sydney CBD that are fun and going really well, using the Meetup Platform.
  • Website: It’s powerful, high conversion and people love it.
  • Awesome Marketing Vault Online Subscription: At $97 pm it gives people with less funds a great option to work with me.
  • Sales: Rapid response, great Corporate Profile and I love talking to people.
  • Promotional Material: I love my coffee mugs! Always a total hit. Also I have a great Corporate Profile that documents services making it easy to buy from me.
  • Blogging: Putting out great blogs with quality information every day (including this one).
  • Great Clients: I only work with great people in my business and it makes it fun, they take action and get results and I love it.
  • Powerful Friends: This is an important one in terms of that I work my butt off to give my friends as much help as I can. Be it referrals, tips / advice on the house (as much as I can give within commercial reality) and helping them stay in the zone. They reward me back too!

And so on. It’s not one thing that is causing me to win, its many things done well with obviously great quality work and outcomes for clients.

My advice and thinking? Please use this to inspire you in your own content and think far beyond just one strategy. Get it all working together beautifully to help keep you in the zone.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you JC – you rock and I know you are blessing me from upstairs 🙂