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High on caffeine and good times - love the team from 'The Bean Chamber'

High on caffeine and good times – love the team from ‘The Bean Chamber’

If you know me I am a total create of habit; in fact, I like my routine as much as I like variety on what I do. When it comes to Coffee & Cafes, I am the type of person to find my regulars and I had an interesting one with my old café I used to visit.

It was really good originally and they got in new owners which you new didn’t love what they do. Over time it got to the point where I moved on and I started trying various cafes from across Parramatta. Nothing really registered as a place to make my ‘home’ so to speak until I finally walked into this great place by the name of the ‘Bean Chamber’.

I knew immediately this was the spot in that it was really cool, they had great cold & hot tea samples everywhere, the staff were fantastic and I just knew that people cared.

When I got my first coffee from there, they even asked:

– “Do I want house or special blend?”

Nobody has ever asked me that when it comes to coffee and as I consumed that fine beverage I knew I was hooked and a fan forever. I have been there many times (and taken my wife there a few times too now) and it’s my regular that I try and visit as much as I can. It’s so good, that I have become friends with the team there already and I am even writing this blog about them.

They are almost always packed where other nearby cafes are dead quiet. When the street is busy, I have seen lines going out the door there. In short, they are successful because of great staff, top quality food, coffee, a great location and many other reasons.

From a marketing viewpoint, they are just that good that everyone loves them and can’t get enough of them. You can’t help visiting there, telling your friends and the like.

My advice and thinking? Before you even think about marketing – make sure your product / service quality is the best. Marketing the average is a nightmare, yet marketing the ‘awesome’ is actually quite easy. In my own business I am forever pushing myself to come up with new and better ideas for that exact reason too.

Thank you ‘The Bean Chamber’, you rock – appreciate the great coffee + food and inspiration.

My friends – thank you for taking the time to read this. Love your work sharing is caring (lol).