The Super Creative Free Turkey with Every Fridge and Freezer sold promotion running at Bing Lee at the moment. Is it crazy and whacky enough to work?

The Super Creative Free Turkey with Every Fridge and Freezer sold promotion running at Bing Lee at the moment. Is it crazy and whacky enough to work?

There are some very intelligent and equally quite odd ideas out there.

As a dedication one of my dynamic business colleagues who shall remain nameless; if you speak one on one with this character he will get across key ideas to you about business.  They are usually quite pragmatic and intelligent in nature as he is great at taking complex situations and making them “Simple, “Real” and “Practical”.

This has been quite refreshing for me in the sense of many ideas I hear around town.  You probably like me has been hit with some “Strange Ideas” out there that defy common logic and would work with “Questionable Results”.

What inspired me to write this article started with me driving through the Northern Beaches of Sydney and seeing the massive White Goods and Electronics Retailer Bing Lee with a very odd promotion (pictured).

That is:

“You Get a Free Turkey with Every Freezer or Fridge you Buy from them”.

When I originally saw that I thought “Hmm, that’s really odd and I wonder if it’s working?”.  Several days later, one of my fine colleagues Giulio Ranieri made a joke about seeing the same thing on Facebook.  As people came into the Post, they all gave commentary on the “WTF” wavelength which was good – it meant I wasn’t going insane or anything like that.

I have heard many really strange ideas in business & marketing which have made no sense; with some of my recent favourites including:

– “Yes, Blogging doesn’t work at all and I don’t believe in it” (Coming from a Business Coach and another person who told me they are a Social Media Specialist).

– “Business Networking doesn’t work for my business at all” (Coming from many including one who had someone else in their exact industry, in the same networking groups who has a 6 Figure Business).

– “I don’t have any money to spend on my business / marketing” (Coming from someone who then went on a cruise).

My point being is that you get people at times doing some really bizarre things or perhaps coming with ideas which don’t really make a lot of sense.  Don’t get me wrong please, I am not saying don’t be creative, don’t try new things (as there are many times that “Crazy” things can work the treat in Small Business) – but there is a limit to this.

My advice and thinking on this one? As you come up with great Business, Sales & Marketing Ideas for your Small Business it’s really important to screen them and ask yourself “Will this work?”, “Will this idea stick?”, “Does it make any sense?” and questions like this.  I can promise it will help you screen some ideas that won’t stick and leave you with Marketing Strategies & Concepts that are more likely to hit and give you the results that you want.

Thank you for the read and also – if you one of the people that take up the Bing Lee “Get a Free Chook with a Freezer” promotion, please let me know.  That idea may be so crazy it may just work……

About the Author who is questioning the strange world around him:

Edward Zia nicknamed “The Crazy Persian” is a Marketing Mentor, 4Networking Leader and loves helping Small Businesses get more Profitable Clients with Awesome 6 and 7 Figure Sales & Marketing Strategies.

Feel free to browse his blog “The Edward Files”, sign up for the Free Materials. If you love what you see and want to keep your learning going, Edward would love you to join his Online Community / Learning Centre “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” – Access it right here friends!



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