From Charity Bottle Caps, Upscale Colouring Books and the like - Grill'd had some creative ideas!

From Charity Bottle Caps, Upscale Colouring Books and the like – Grill’d had some creative ideas!

Marketing is a very interesting part of any company.

It’s a ‘Business Area’, yet it’s easily an ‘Artform’. Some decisions are very vague without data to decide on, yet making it correctly will increase revenue by 20%. Colours can be ‘wishy washy’ to the the hard people, but use the wrong colour and you can repel potential clients.

Speaking to the positive as well, if you get your business, marketing and concepts really creative and inviting you can drive revenue and results big time.

This is especially notable (and very measurable) when you are doing say Facebook Advertising & Posts. If you have a boring post, you can forget any commercial outcomes. If you totally nail your post, can you expect some very awesome results and outcomes.

What got me thinking along this wavelength was spending time with my better half and passing through one of the Grill’d Burger Concepts. It’s the ‘upscale Burger’ chains (which we have lots of these days) and I think it may have been one of the first ones to really expand quickly and get traction in the market.

Burgers (with no fries or drinks) are around the $11 and upwards mark – and if you say compare that with a burger one would get from McDonald’s, you are talking at least a 50% Premium on top of that. Basically, they cost a lot more – so in order for people to feel ‘okay’ about paying they must somehow make it better.

Sure, the burgers are way better than you would expect at McDonald’s (and so they should be), however you can tell they put a lot of energy into the rest of their concept. One thing I found very impressive was the whole ‘Bottle Cap’ type of system. You get a ‘Bottle Cap’, you have 3 x jars and depending on which jar you put it in – that charity gets support. Is it a gimmick?

Yes – but it’s a very cool gimmick that usually gets a great reaction and they are very fast to word everything with the whole ‘Supporting Local’ type of angle. They have cool packaging for the caps and on a side note -even their colouring books and pencils are really cool there.

Overall, it’s a great creative idea that Grill’d have and consider it from this point of view, they have too! If you are charging 50% more than your nearest competitor you better add lots of value.

My advice and thinking? Be creative and think really ‘outside’ of the box for great ideas to improve your business. Doing the status quo won’t help you lead markets, being better and more awesome bill.

Trust you enjoy the thoughts, thank you Grill’d for great burgers and the inspiration.

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