Maintaining the “Well Rested” Perk

Rest up when you can and enjoy friends!

Us humans are biological machines. Like any machine, if you don’t look after us, we just break down and don’t work.

One key aspect of my life that I’ve come to grips with, is fatigue when you get busy. It’s happened to me a bit lately and I’ve learned great ways as how to manage it.

I may sit down for a short while at a Novotel, sleep in the Wellness / Relaxation Room at WeWork 100 Harris St Pyrmont (which totally rocks) and more.

Basically, you want to stay well rested. It’s hard to win big when one is tired.

My advice and thinking? Rest up when you can. Sometimes you will burn the midnight oil (which is great) but recharge any chance you get.

Love your work, rest up and stay awesome friends!

Edward Zia

Author: Edward Zia

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