Great spending time with Tess Danjoux and Kimberly Buttriss from Marsdens Law.  They girls know how to do business!

Great spending time with Tess Danjoux and Kimberly Buttriss from Marsdens Law. They girls know how to do business!

I have been very lucky to meet and get to know the amazing Associate from Marsdens Kimberly Buttriss.  She has been part of our 4Networking Australia Business Community and in the time I have got to know her I have found her to be a very contribution driven, accurate and awesome Networker.

A very successful professional and I noticed that in a very short-time she was able to integrate into our business community with great reviews and people speaking very positively about her.  During the week, she actually put together a business networking lunch for about 12 x of us.  She was leading, it was very well done and we were able to spend time with each other and support each other business wise.  Wait a second.  Woah.  Hold your horses.  I am a Blogger, I am saying Positive Stuff and I am saying Solicitors at awesome? YES!

Kimberly and I was speaking and I have got to know her colleague Tess too.  I am going to coin them “New Age Solicitors”. They are the fun, dynamic and humorous ones taking over from the conservative ones of yesterday.  In reflecting on this, I was speaking with Tess Danjoux about the different generations and how we operate.  Being that we are on the Generation X & Y cusps it got me reflecting on my views of each of the generations – especially as a Marketer.  I put my own views to Tess on this one which she found quite amazing and had to put them to “Paper” in my blog – my own views of the strengths and weaknesses of each generation:

Generation Y’s: 35 roughly and under.  They are tech savvy, critical thinkers who can be quite entrepreneurial in nature.  They can have trouble sticking to things however! (I am a Gen Y / X Character).

Generation X’s: 35 to 50 roughly.  They are hard working, focused, team players who can follow processes really well! They can be have trouble getting dominated and controlled however!

Baby Boomers: 50 and above roughly.  They are optimistic, growth oriented people who are certainly retiring now.  They can have trouble as they are out of touch with the modern world!

Such big generalizations on my part, however I told Tess I was brave enough to put my views out there.  In reflecting on our conversations and the different business styles too – us Generation Y’s / X’s I think are certainly more dynamic in nature.  We don’t like clicky groups or anything and love to be able to express who we are.

Bringing it back to my love of the Marsdens Law Group, everyone I have met from there (about 10 of them at least) have been really nice and accepting.  So touch wood I don’t need a solicitor – but if I do, then I so shall give them a call.

Thank you again Kimberly and Tess for the awesome lunch! This Persian Blogger usually loves a great negative rant, so I have had to be nothing but positive today.

The problem is that as I have written a positive post (without saying something negative or an extremist comment) it doesn’t feel complete.  So here goes something to at least make me feel like I have finished this article:

– KIMBERLY AND TESS ROCK! If you disagree – you are a silly person.

That is better.  Now I can sleep tonight knowing I have said something negative.  Hope you enjoyed the read from this erratic Marketing Mentor Edward Zia!

Thank you x x



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