Leveraging my content across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

It's just a few clicks to replicate content across platforms. I love it!

It’s just a few clicks to replicate content across platforms. I love it!

We had a wonderful Facebook Marketing Workshop last night with lots of incredible people who just rocked. As this event played out, one interesting them and side point came up last night.

Quite a few people weren’t leveraging their content that well. That is people would say put all this time and energy into creating content for Facebook, but they wouldn’t upload it to any other platforms.

In my case I will say create one or a few videos every day. In the old days, I would just stick it out on Facebook. Now, I will take the same video and in just a few clicks (with some cutting and pasting of text) I will upload the video to LinkedIn to get hundreds of views. If also the video is under 60 seconds in length, I may also get it out on Twitter as well.

Even if I take a simple photo, it’s just so easy to share it on multiple platforms to get hundreds of extra views per day that I would not other get.

This very simple strategy is great, and I now do it all the time!

My advice and thinking? Do it for yourself. As you do videos, imagery and the like share it on multiple social media platforms. You get great overlap and you reach a lot of new people you wouldn’t otherwise get too.

Love your work, happy sharing and stay awesome friends!