As hard as it sounds, lazy piggies get turned into bacon in business.  I have found that you do need great Sales & Marketing Stratgies BACKED UP BY AWESOME HARD WORK!

As hard as it sounds, lazy piggies get turned into bacon in business. I have found that you do need great Sales & Marketing Stratgies BACKED UP BY AWESOME HARD WORK!

I have been lucky to work with thousands over the last few years.  They are amazing people and in the very rare instances I have had seen a few people that in technical speak are called “Lazy Piggies”.

In building my own personal success within my own Mentoring Business and also 4Networking, * Yes * I have had some Top Business Strategies that have been great and all that * But * it’s come down to me doing ridiculous, excessive and very enjoyable amounts of work.

In my time I had one person who wanted my help.  They asked me for my advice (which I have given to hundreds of others) to start their Consulting Business.  My response was “You need to Business Networking at least 3 x Times Per Week, Build your Facebook + LinkedIn, Meet People One-on-One, Get Speaking Gigs etc”.  I told them up front when they hired me it’s going to be really hard, but it’s quite normal for everyone who is starting out being exactly what I went through.

In a very short space of time they came back to me saying that it was “Too Hard” and they dumped me and went and hired someone else instead of me that said “They had the Secret Strategies to Wealth, can make them heaps of Money and Edward sucks and all that”.

Some years later I bumped into them in the street – it was during the day and they were employees working in the City.  When they saw me, I was all positive (and didn’t put two-and-two till later) but they were sheepish and not quite happy to see me.

As I asked questions, the answers were quite embarrassing and I could feel that they weren’t too proud of what happened.  The truth was that they gave up on their dreams and were back in the Corporate Workforce.

A very small part of me (which was quite hurt at the time when they dumped me and replaced me quite rudely with someone else) was “I told you so” – but the greater / nicer part of me was “Wow – those poor people, what wasted potential?”

This really was a potent experience that stuck in my mind for a range of reasons.  Firstly, it showed that regardless of the strategy that if you don’t do the work it won’t happen. Secondly, it reminded me not to become a “Lazy Piggy” myself as I may end up suffering the same fate.  Thirdly, you got to watch those big bogus claims out there where people just make up stuff and say “Oh Yes, it’s so easy.  Yes you can make $1,000,000+ with my super secret strategies which I have to sell you because I am just being generous”.  Yeah Right! Total BS in that regard.

My view of these people is that they aren’t Lazy at all – but they unfortunately listened to the wrong lesson, followed some bad advice by another which led to them not succeeding.

Talking to the positive, go hard, go fast, keep developing and be a “Motivated Tiger”.  A lot of people have this strange form of thinking – they will work night and day for their employers, but for whatever reason when people are in their own businesses I think they are looking for the non-existent easy way out.

My advice? HARD WORK is awesome on your own terms and see it as a positive. You also need to remember that the world is very competitive and full of hard working people.  People love hiring people that work hard and know their stuff.  Make sure you don’t be the Piggie that gets turned into Bacon and eaten my Mr. Tiger for Breakfast.

Wow – so positive and inspirational this article? I know it sounds a bit negative, but it’s all very true.  I would have failed in my business long ago if I didn’t apply this intensive thinking.

So work hard, love it and say NO TO BEING BACON x x

Thank you for the read and keep up the Awesome Marketing Out there! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Cat Lover!



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