When you just need to get away from it all (Thank you Richard de Groot!)

It was just wonderful soaking up the great view. Love your work Richard de Groot!

It was just wonderful soaking up the great view. Love your work Richard de Groot!

I was very lucky to meet up with an old friend who I haven’t seen properly in a few years. I felt kind of bad actually in that I was just so busy with business and life (and yes I was ignoring them).

As excuses are just not my thing as I was in the wrong on this one; I was very lucky in that the great man never gave up on me and they stayed connected.

Richard de Groot contacted me and invited me out for lunch. I booked it ahead and it was just today I went for the beautiful 1 hour and 8 minute drive to go and visit his beautiful home in a place called “Razorback” which is beautiful green, somewhat hilly part of Australian Bushland. It has a population of just 964 people (Source: 2011 Census) and it was just a beautiful spot.

That morning I had been in meetings, doing lots of emails and interestingly in the evening I had lots to do; so I was in ‘Rush Rush Mode’.

As I went into the beautiful Razorback on a nice country drive I immediately chilled out, felt great and was impressed by the pure size of Richard’s lovely home. As we ate lunch on the porch overlooking the wonderful view, I just felt for a minute that I had really gotten away from it all.

Of course I love what I do and having the momentary release of being out in the country gave me a great opportunity to recharge, think about what matters and get more in the zone.

I have come off the back of completing and winning on some big projects and even just that break with an old friend was something that I really needed. There is more to come too!

My advice and thinking? Do your work, love it and hit it hard. However, do what you can to get away every now and then. It may not be for long, but even that fast escape can help one recharge and get back in the zone (or at least stay there).

Also too, great views make the difference.

Love your work, thank you for the read, great seeing you Richard and love your work!