Some years ago, when I was relatively new to Sydney I did what most people do – update the resume, put my tie on and go and squeeze some palms to get my name out there. I must have been to at least 50+ interviews and had anything from people who don’t like me, to people that love me – to people that lead you on to the last minute and hire someone else  I remember one key role for a National Company.  I went for this role and had just an excellent first interview.  I went in, we got along like a house on fire, they were friendly, I was friendly and both parties were keen to go the next level.

In addition, the line manager that interviewed said me they needed someone very quickly and liked the idea of us working together.

So great, what can possibly go wrong?

I ended up meeting with two General Managers that looked after the company.  One was the basic Expansionist / Operational Manager and the other one of the Finance / IT type of Manager.

With the Expansionist Manager, we hit it off.  It went really well and I thought “Wow – I stand a very good chance here”.  Now, the Finance Manager – just hated my guts! From the moment I walked into the interview the Finance Manager:

– Interrupted me.

– Wouldn’t let me answer questions.

– Tried to pick holes in my resume.

– Put me down by saying strange lines such as “You seem to have a lot going on upstairs, you look very impatient?”

– Wouldn’t give me their full attention.

– Generally showed a disdain towards me.

Anyway, when I got out of the interview, I spoke to the recruiter (who set me up there and was really astute) and told them the honest truth. Fair enough, some love you and some don’t? No – this isn’t the ending here. The recruiter then rang up and the Company wouldn’t answer his basic questions and just held out on things.  As a job seeker this is very annoying when they drag you on! Either hire me or don’t!

They then stretched and stretched things out for 10 weeks until they told me they are no longer interested in me.

So anyway, I thought “What a nasty company” so no problem.  But then 6 months later I see that actual role advertised again! Then 1 year later it’s advertised again! Didn’t they need someone quickly? In hindsight I was very glad to not work with this company in that, if this is how they hire people – their decision making processes must be very scary and tricky.  If anything I feel really sorry for the first person that interviewed me – they were extremely busy and needed help but didn’t get the support they needed from above.

The lesson learned for me in this situation was that it’s important to be direct with people and don’t drag people with you.  That is, if you are a job seeker or if you are an interviewer – if you don’t like the other person then politely wind things up and move on. At the end of the day, no one wins from wasting time and we all have better things to do!



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