It’s not the time you do something, it’s the INTENSITY!

We win more with the intensity at which we do something, not the time!

We win more with the intensity at which we do something, not the time!

I have been thinking lots about my 2017 in business. Out of all my years in business (except for perhaps the first), it’s been the year of the largest development I have faced.

Of course, 2018 is following that thinking and it’s got me thinking about many wonderful things as to how we get experience.

If you have seen my other posts as well, you may know that I am a bit of a Gamer and right into the Official Star Wars Mobile Game “Star Wars: Commander”. It’s become quite a part of my life with me having the top level 10 base and a great squad / clan from people across the world.

I have risen to the top as ‘Commander’ in that squad and the simple reason why is that I have been playing at maximum intensity compared to everyone else. It’s not that I was born better or anything, but as I have had more intensity of the game, it’s helped me become the best.

I kind of realised this is what happened in my business before 2017. Before that I was slightly cruising (which is bad), but now that I have the strong intensity things are moving up.

I wish I did this earlier and it’s not how long that you have done something that matters. It’s the intensity, results and the amount you have done it. Now I am meeting more people, running more events and getting into it, my skill has gone through the roof and it rocks.

My advice and thinking? Please don’t cruise in what you are doing. It tends not to get you anywhere. Really go hard and dive into what you are doing.

Be it more events, more meetings, more content, more clients, whatever the case maybe. As you do it more, your skill climbs faster and you become better quicker. I wish I thought more this way a bit earlier, but we got there in the end. That is what matters.

Love your work, thank you for the read and keep stepping it up friends!