A temporary loss of my voice has been awesome! It has given me the opportunity to reflect on my conflict within and get focused!

A temporary loss of my voice has been awesome! It has given me the opportunity to reflect on my conflict within and get focused!

As my friends are giggling about me on Facebook as I write this article, the unbelievable happened to me today.  I lost my voice! I pushed myself to about 1PM and then I realized that I couldn’t even utter a word.  It was the combination of recovering from a cold, giving myself no time to relax (yeah push it hard!) and going harder and harder when my body needs a break.

I never quite realized how important my voice was to my job until it was gone and it’s started me looking at things quite differently.  I have been communicating over email, SMS and Facebook Messenger and if someone tries to call me – I don’t answer SMSing them back the funny news.

Even though I know I will get my voice back, by NOT speaking verbally it has started an interesting “Inner Journey” so to speak.  It’s got me more in my own head, considering thoughts, viewpoints, inner conflict and also coming up with great business ideas.

I think it’s really a gift from god telling me to “Slow Down Edward!”.  In that objective it most certainly has done that and it’s got me considering life from a very different viewpoint. Not just in terms of “Automation, Residual Income” and those commercial points, but in helping me get in touch with my inner dialogue, i.e. that “Voice” in your head.

What I have found is that my inner voice is actually quite nice to me! In my early 30’s when life really sucked for me, I found my inner voice was full of negative.  These days, it’s full of “You Can”, “Positive”, “Don’t Worry About It” type of statements.  I am finding this so called “Forced” time of reflection is very positive for me and it feels great.

This has got me thinking on a deeper level, instead of losing my voice more often – why don’t I take some time off to actually intentionally reflect on things?

I think the honest answer to that question is one of the reasons why myself and many Small Business Owners can get worn out at times.  It’s your business, you love it, it’s your baby and I find once you get “Successful” putting down the tools can be a very hard thing to do.  That is, you can become “Too Motivated” which in one sense is great, you need a rest / relax type of counter-balance rest component.

My advice? Back-off every now and then (when you can at least) and consider your own thoughts and check in with yourself.  It not only feels good, it helps relieve the pressure so you can cook up some great new business ideas!

Thank you for the read and happy days from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who is learning to take time out!



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