Fit, Healthy, Stylish and Got Me Thinking - It was a pleasure meeting Donna Pace the Personal Branding Specalist today and reflecting on my own make-over!

Fit, Healthy, Stylish and Got Me Thinking – It was a pleasure meeting Donna Pace the Personal Branding Specialist today and reflecting on my own make-over!

Yes you got me.  A few years ago, I certainly looked like a bit of a slob.  I had a very small make over, I wore unique but not exactly aspirational type of clothing and I was quite overweight!

After lots of reasonable pestering, I got on top of myself, hit the gym and got plenty of new awesome threads.  It was very good timing too, I was lucky to have a great breakfast meeting with the Personal Branding Expert Donna Pace.  She is this petite yet highly powerful and stylish entrepreneur that has the tenacity of a lion, yet the stylish subtleness of a Ragdoll Pedigree Cat.

We spoke about many topics including trendy items such as Product Mixes, Autoresponders, My Loathing for Aweber, My love for Mailchimp and many great marketing topics.  As I was quite impressed by her stylish ability, I keep feeling “Wow, I am so glad I got a make-over, otherwise I would have looked like a bogan around her”.

In further reflection on my make-over, I was considering how it’s totally transformed my life for the better.  It all started with the gym and replacing my wardrobe over time.  I went from more boring Corporate Wear to Floral Shirts, Trendy Shirts and basically anything you would expect an insecure, err – I mean 100% secure Persian man to wear to grab attention, err – I mean look the part of entrepreneurial credibility.

Linking it back to more Sales & Marketing and talking dollars and cents (in full agreement with Donna’s Logic) it has been amazing for my business doing that.  Until I started looking the part now and it helping me get more clients, public speaking gigs and feeling better – I can really understand the Fashion / Image / Business Link.  Sure, one can argue I may sound a bit superficial, but you know I am right.  If you are selling say high value services that are quite intangible then all of these factors have absolutely critical relevance.

My advice from my own reflections on the topic? Be the Part.  Look the Part.  If you don’t or am fat like I was and it’s a problem for you, don’t stress! Just get yourself a Gym Membership, cut those carbs, hire someone like Donna to help you look the part and get your Sales on track with a strong image.

And speaking of getting your Sales on track, if you love the way I think – make sure you check out my Online Sales & Marketing Educational Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault”.  Just click right here to get yourself Instant Access to this “Fashionable Masterpiece!” (as I like to think that is what it is).

Thank you from Edward Zia and Happy Fashion Sense from the Persian Marketing Mentor!



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  1. Thanks for the shout out Edward. I love your floral shirts! Also looking forward to getting started on a few of the things we talked about. On a serious note, people do tend to overlook the positive impact their image and personal brand can have on their personal success. Have a great week.

    • It’s a pleasure and that sounds great Donna Pace. Yes, it’s so true that many overlook their image on their success – I certainly did to my own detriment but now it’s really good and very supportive of my own success. Love working with you and looking forward to helping you setup some cool stuff!

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