Brushing Your Teeth is that Critical Type of Ritual in Business.  I wish this Stripey Horse listened to this advice!

Brushing Your Teeth is that Critical Type of Ritual in Business. I wish this Stripey Horse listened to this advice!

10:36PM.  I have been up since 5AM and I am worn out. Still with the smile of success, but the fatigue of a man who has weathered a harsh desert living on a high-carb / low-protein diet.

One of my rules that has been going for at least a good 7 months has been to blog every day.  The reason for this from a Marketing viewpoint has been to be producing regular content, build my presence on Google, have something to go out on Facebook and constantly market myself in a regular manner.

Mick Grogan who I was lucky to meet at Squeeze Wollongong tonight is man who works “At the Steel Mill” and he is a very big fellow who obviously hits the weights quite often.  In his line of work, it takes a lot of discipline and consistency to pull it off and they way he phrased it was in the context of “Brushing Your Teeth”.  That is, we don’t question Brushing Our Teeth, but when it comes to say exercise, marketing or whatever the case – we can often question it and be anything from consistent!

The fallout of this behaviour is that we don’t end up getting the financial results we want (which obviously sucks quite a lot!).  What I have found interesting for me personally is that as I have been blogging so successfully and consistently so far is that it takes no discipline to do.   It’s just a daily habit I do now with zest and focus.  That is, I know blogging is great for my business as much as brushing my teeth is for long-term dental hygiene and keeping my teeth.

My advice and great learning from “Big Rigs Mick” from the Steel Mill? If there is something you need to get done and it’s important but you are lacking the “Motivation” – just force yourself to do it for as long as you can. Eventually it will just become as easy as “Brushing Your Teeth” which means you don’t have to push yourself as hard.

I loved this advice and it has got me thinking – and speaking a great advice, if you love success you will love my Online Sales & Marketing Educational Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault”.  Download it right here, right now and you will love it!

Thank you and happy day / nights from Edward Zia!



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