A Top Operator who knows her stuff - Hayley Mackintosh of Servcorp North Ryde always comes up with Blogging worthy pearls of wisdom!

A Top Operator who knows her stuff – Hayley Mackintosh of Servcorp North Ryde always comes up with Blogging worthy pearls of wisdom!

Probably far beyond business relationships, any type of relationship is only sustainable if there is Give / Take and Win / Win over time.

This morning I was very lucky to spend time with the Awesome 4Networking Mastermind North Ryde Group and Hayley Mackintosh is the Manager of Servcorp North Ryde and our host there (where we hold the meeting).

I have been lucky to know Hayley for a short while now and I have referred people to her, supported her, written blogs about her and likewise – she has let me speak at her events, supported me, shares my stuff on Facebook and has become a cool friend I know I can rely on.

In our Mastermind Group today she made some great points and the ones that resonated with me was her talking about “Give & Take” in business relationships. She is a very savvy networker, has been to tons of events as well as being an awesome Corporate type of character running a Serviced Office concept targeting Small Business Owners.

She (like myself) has seen her fair share of networking events and told this great story which I hope I have paraphrased accurately enough from her:

You meet all sorts of people that are nice to you, pretend to be interested, however are not interested in you really at all and will take advantage of you all. 

Basically what she was saying is that she has great business relationships where people give back – and really bad ones where she gets taken advantage of and these don’t last. This happens to all of us in business (& life) and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

The true reality is that we need all of our relationships in life to be “Give & Take” & “Win / Win”. If they are not, usually you can put a time limit on a relationship. I have had people take advantage of me too and generally speaking the ones that are all “Take” I find very rarely last in the same social group for long. They are generally the ones that go from place to place taking advantage of people.

Eventually they can run out of “Places” (and believe me, this happens in a Big City like Sydney quite quickly) and then they are usually in lots of well deserved trouble.

Talking to the positive, you get the awesome people like Hayley – ones who always aim to give, support and inspire people.

My advice and thinking? Surprise, Surprise – the people who give more often get the most back and are almost always the most successful / well liked people in a room. Always aim to give and keep it Win / Win! If you are being taken for a ride like we have before, move on. If they are awesome like you – build a great bond and help each other make lots of money.

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