The importance of freshening up your Facebook Ads

Let's see how this photo goes in directing traffic to my website!

Let’s see how this photo goes in directing traffic to my website!

If you have been on Facebook, tough wood you have seen one of my ads at some point.

From me with iconic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to great mountains, walking around with my cat, taking a stroll on a Golf Course and even wearing a Marine Cap; I have done a range of ads over the years which has served me very well.

Many of the clients I have today first discovered me on Facebook and it’s that amazing platform that works for many businesses in various degrees. One thing I have certainly learned is that:

– “You must keep your Facebook Ads Fresh and they wear out quite quickly!”

I have seen this occur many times with what I have done. I come up with what I think is the best video ever and let’s say I run it across metro Sydney for $20 per day. After a good 20 – 30 days, the response starts to really drop and the frequency is getting high (meaning that the same people are seeing the same add over again).

What I have learned from all this is that you never want to hang your hat on the one ultimate ‘Direct Link’ or ‘Video’ ad like I have. I have found over time that you will need a stack of different advertisements continually working away presenting people different aspects of what you can do and how you can help them.

Even if you are spending $5 / day (which is a great budget by the way); you can run several ads to share that budget. You can say run an ad with 3 x different photos, keep the one that works the best with the top photo and then put on more (all keeping the budget the same).

The worst thing you can do is just put an ad on there and forget it. You want to keep an eye on it, keep putting up new ads to ‘beat’ what you have done previously and of course cut things.

My advice and thinking? Keep your Facebook Ads fresh, well maintained and looked after at all times. It also is very useful for ‘market research’ telling you what works really well, what needs work and everything else in between.

For me this has been invaluable and I have just finished a stack of ads then. Wish me luck won’t you?

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!