Hitting it with EVERYTHING you have!

The times to hit things with everything you have... (but win!)

The times to hit things with everything you have… (but win unlike in this Star Wars scene)

I have been with quite a few clients lately who are running a new series of powerful events. They are of very high quality and they have bet a lot of their business on this working.

That is if the events don’t work out; it will cost the lots of lost time, funding and respect. Talking to the positive; winning in these events could mean their businesses increasing multiple times with the reward to risk ratio being a great move (in fact, I have taken similar risk that have paid off).

These opportunities can put us into all sorts of positions whereby you end up in the situation of ‘Do or Die’. That is, you either are going to win or lose with that decision point being a very thin red line.

In these situations in business where we are at that turning point, it puts us in a position where our only choice is to:

  • Hit it with everything you have!

That is you don’t hold anything back, you hit it as hard as you can, the extra mile is taken and you really think through all your many moves one can make to win.

I actually have done that to myself recently in that I have run 4 x great events 1 week apart. I have never run this many events of my own close to each other and it has been a great risk that has been worth taking.

In order to fill them all this close to each other, I have had to Market way harder than I have ever before. This has been me really driving my Facebook, Email Marketing, LinkedIn and Videos to the next level. It’s been just fantastic and it’s paid off! You can say that I have really pulled out *most* of the stops and it’s been just great (I have done everything with exception of Paid FB advertising).

Basically it’s been wonderful and in pulling out all stops, the business has just grown and it’s been wonderful. I say that to you as well if you are in a ‘do or die’ position.

My advice and thinking? Hit it with everything you have. Everything! Sometimes we have no choice and these situations are where we can manage risk effectively to deliver incredible business outcomes (such as big events, full of great people that sign up).

Love your work, hit your market hard, pull out all stops and JUST WIN.

Thanks for the read, take action and hit that like & share!