Grant and Karen Dempsey - the Awesome Leaders and Directors of 4Networking Australia.  They have been amazing influential people in my life. Kind, brilliant and helpful. Love their work!

Grant and Karen Dempsey – the Awesome Leaders and Directors of 4Networking Australia. They have been amazing influential people in my life. Kind, brilliant and helpful. Love their work!

Right now you may say that I am “Extremely Tired” after recovering from the 4Networking Annual Christmas Party last night at the buzzing Aurora Hotel in Surry Hills (Sydney).  The room was packed with people from all Groups across NSW (including our new friends from the ACT) and it was a high energy fun event with tons of Small Business Owners.

Even though I don’t own any of 4Networking Australia, many assume that I do based on my passion and focus on growing, supporting and inviting people to it’s events.  A question many ask is “Edward, it’s not your business why do you work so hard at it?”

There are many answers to this question and in short it’s because by growing 4Networking it has built my own 6-Figure Consulting Business from scratch, I love to give back to a community that created my “New Life” and also – it’s awesome and I love it!

Last night’s massive Christmas Party had people come from Groups all over town.  It got me thinking about where it all began and how this little idea a few years ago is now a well sized Networking player in Australia’s Largest City.

If you know me or have read my previous blogs, my life has been marked with massive highs and lows.   Even though I had achieved a lot and done some amazing things, I made some bad decisions and got into a bit of trouble during the Global Financial Crisis.  This event did impact a lot of people very negatively, HOWEVER – my own failure in this period was probably more reflective of my own bad choices in the build up to that.  I was with the wrong woman (nice person but we weren’t the right fit), I was in a job I was over, I was spending money like crazy and living the “White Collar Life” and I had no business of my own to support me.

I left my job at the age of 29 / 30, tried a few things and was unemployed for at least 12 months during that recession.  I eventually did get a job that barely paid my bills (and helped pay off my Credit Card debt that I was using to live) and basically my life sucked for a few years.

I am 36 now and at the age of 32, I was sick of “Being a Loser” and gave my life a massive reboot. I became a Marketing Mentor & Consultant and considering I HAD NO SMALL BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, starting out was tough for me! After trying another networking group and getting squeezed out by a mean Director (it then shut down not long later), I in desperation typed into Google “business networking sydney”.

I remember finding this “Bizarre” concept from the United Kingdom called “4Networking” which was 50% Social, 50% Business and it works.  I thought originally “Well what do I have to lose? I already am a loser so why not?” (such great self-talk I had at the time).

I send them an email and then I got an email back from Grant like 10 minutes later.  We started “Exchanging Emails” and I remember calling Grant Dempsey that night (about 7:30PM) and we just clicked.  I remember attending my first meeting and 2 weeks later I was a Team Member.  I was nervous as heck, very sceptical and had massive trust issues.

Over time I got over it and I remember that Grant Dempsey became an amazing Mentor for me that helped me rebuild my own life, confidence and in turn – I focused my energies in helping create new groups and manage our growing community.  As it got off the ground and it became bigger and bigger – “Process, Training & Systems” became a massive issue and I was very lucky to be positively challenged by working with the matriarch Karen Dempsey.  At times she gave me a run for my money and she always “Pushed and Pushed Me” that helped me deliver what I deliver today.

Today my life is a 110% turnaround from what it was.  I have a great Consulting Business, I am working hard on Online, I am known across town and I have a great stream of new clients coming into my business.  I even met a very special lady at 4Networking…..

Grant & Karen Dempsey + being very lucky to help lead the 4Networking Australia community helped me start my life again and building something new and amazing.  I make way more money than I ever did, I love what I do and I GET TO HELP PEOPLE! Nothing beats making money the right way.

If you are starting our in business and want a hand, if you are in business and want a new powerhouse community right behind you – may I suggest you check out the 4Networking Australia site right here.  It’s got some great groups and love to see you there!

Thank you for the read and time for me to hit the gym and “Get Some Rest”.  It was one awesome party night!



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