Spending time with some amazing people; Tiv Nightingale, Judith Dowsett and Emma Perrow (not pictured).  Positively enthused after spending a great day in THE GONG with these fine Awesome Operators!

Spending time with some amazing people; Tiv Nightingale, Judith Dowsett and Emma Perrow (not pictured). Positively enthused after spending a great day in THE GONG with these fine Awesome Operators!

I am Awesome! Wow, what an arrogant thing for me to say? Well, it’s true I am totally awesome. Before you think “Here we go again, give Edward Zia a bit of power and look at this Middle Eastern guy get an Ego” I would like to ask you to consider reading this article first.  Then you can judge me as arrogant or not LOL

The evening I am writing this article, I came from from a business trip down to a place we in NSW call “The Gong”.  It’s a reference to the amazing Regional Center Wollongong which is 82km  (51 miles) South of Sydney CBD.  It’s one of Australia’s Top 10 Cities according to Wikipedia and I always look forward to visiting our local networking groups down there during my bi-monthly visit.

I help run 4Networking Australia and there is a group down there full of amazing business people who are driven by pure contribution and love doing the right thing by each other.  I am from Inner-West Sydney (living about 8km from Sydney CBD) and as much as I love it – it can be a bit of a “Dog Eat Dog” world at times.  Going down to the “The Gong” and visiting the kind-hearted people of that regional area always relaxes me and gives me time to give careful contemplation to what I am facing in my own business and life.

Going back to my heading that makes me appear like a completely EGO driven lunatic, I was very fortunate to spend some quality time with Emma Perrow, Judith Dowsett and Tiv Nightingale today – they are some of my associates down there and over lunch I found them to be amazing people.  Hence, I would like to dedicate my article to them!

My Articles & Blog have been going great for my business and lately my articles on BAD people and protecting ones business against them.  It’s really hit a nerve in the business community and I have been praised and condemned for the views I have been putting forward.  I know it’s the truth that needs to be spoken as it’s helping lots of people protect themselves and in my own psychological development – I am getting used to the “Public Life” and getting used to the idea of people Loving and of course Hating me.

I am slowly getting there and I have been contacted about some of my previous posts.  Many have been “Thank you Edward, that is so true” and a few have been “You suck Edward, You are Negative” and this and that.  I won’t pretend to be something I am not and still to this moment, the negative comments do impact me more than they should and I am working hard on resolving them and building my own resilience (for the record, I am quite resilient and can take lots of pain, but “lack of approval” has been a weakness of mine I am overcoming).  I do openly accept this as a weakness of mine and following the process to turn it into a strength so I can do what I need to do (as I am not going to let any BAD people stop me from helping others).

One big part of my articles which has helped thousands already is I think the importance of being honest and authentic about ones strengths and weaknesses.  I have been doing my best to overcome this fear in myself and really express this side of myself in the public forum.  The more I find that we are open with our weaknesses and put them on their table they really lose their strength.  Even thought Tiv, Emma and Judith wouldn’t have noticed I was impacted at all, discussing my “Weak Side” with them was liberating.

Quite often the more I discuss my weaknesses or tell stories of BAD people doing me over -you get a few which use their own ego on me and try and “Give me advice” (but I know quite often they big problems they aren’t admitting) but the most go “You know what Ed, I have been through that” or “Edward, thank you – my husband / wife just let me, how did you get over this and get on with your business?”.  The more we are honest about who we are – is the more we can help other awesome people which is what it’s all about!

Bringing it back to the awesome Emma, Judith & Tiv – they are positive and truly inspirational people who I was lucky to spend time with today.  Some of the attacks I have getting got me a bit down and these awesome people gave me some amazing support today that made me feel awesome again and believe in what I am doing.

What I have been very fortunate to appreciate and really learn / get reminded of the importance of being surrounded by just the right people.  Even though I am hardly bringing anything new to the table by saying “You must be surrounded by the right people” I think my new insight was how you REALLY NOTICE how important it is when you aren’t feeling the best.

We all have bad days, we all feel down and in that moment you only need a few words to get you instantly back on track.  As I felt down, Emma, Judith and Tiv just gave me the right energy and positive vibes so I just got back on track in no time.

Likewise too, when my friends are down and I am up – the first thing I want to do is be there to support them as talking running a Small Business & Entrepreneurialism – to be an ongoing success (let alone enjoy a quality of life) you have to be in the zone.  I have found that I am only as good as the awesome people I am surrounded by and because I am surrounded by awesome people like Emma, Judith and Tiv – it makes me awesome.  After all, if you are surrounded by miserable people you become miserable? So of course the opposite is true – Awesome makes others Awesome.

My big lesson / reinforcement from today? Look after others, put the energy out there, make sure you are surrounded by Awesome people and when you are feeling down – being around them can give you that boost you need to get back into the zone.  As a Marketing Mentor especially teaching lots of this material – to sell and market effectively you must be in the zone and feeling good! Otherwise it can pull your whole game down.  Thank god for awesome people!

And of course if you love Awesome, then make sure you check out my Awesome Marketing Vault – full of great Online Tools right here! Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who is Awesome (only because of his Awesome Friends!)



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