Peter Nelson - One great high energy guy who debates with top sound logic.  Love his work!

Peter Nelson – One great high energy guy who debates with top sound logic. Love his work!

I have had a long day.  A very long, but very REWARDING awesome day where I just realized I have spent 3.5 hours driving in total.  Even though I am not a fan of Sydney Traffic, I somewhat enjoyed it today as it gave me chance to reflect on a range of experiences I have had lately.

Firstly I would like to dedicate this article to the AWESOME Peter Nelson! He is this lovely family man who runs Networking Groups and we don’t always agree on things, but we have had some great debates and are on the same page when it comes to helping people and supporting the lives of others.

In terms of my business and life, I have had an amazing start to 2014 and I am very happy as I can see myself reaping rewards for some of the hard times I endured in 2013.

I think one of the biggest reasons why my life and business is going so well now is because I have been very fortunate to move away from tons of BAD people in my life and surround myself by some great friends and business associates.   As defined in my previous articles, BAD in short stands for “Brilliant At Deception” and these are people you really don’t want to have in your life.

Even though 2014 has kicked off for me with great results, I have been screwed actually be a few BAD people.  It certainly wasn’t very nice and I have had people already this year:

– Ignore me when I say hello to them.

– Un-friend me on Facebook.

– Exploit me for tons of hours and BS their way out of paying me.

– Back-stab me to others while being nice to my face.

– Manipulate Terms & Conditions to suit them.

– Back-Stab my Awesome Friends and try and hurt them.

I will be straight up with you, for some years in my life (especially after I got washed up and lost the farm during the GFC) I have been quite submissive to these BAD people but as I saw the damage they were causing to the lives to others I made a big decision probably about October last year:

– I decided not to support, help or direct my energy towards them.  I also made a stand against many and would intervene actively if they would attack my friends or do something to an innocent party.

And oh boy! This has created some sparks for sure, but it has been the most rewarding experience of my life standing up to “Business Bullies” and defending people that in some cases aren’t ready to defend themselves.

I was even in my local coffee shop about 1 week ago and a drunk guy was in there buying a hot beverage.  He was “Fine” at the start, but then he started picking on the quality of the goods to the person that owned the shop.  She is a lovely Australian-Chinese Woman of about 30 and I suspect his motives may have been racially motivated (I can’t stand racists, the worst type of people ever).   I stepped into to defend her, he went all quiet and it felt great protecting the quite Chinese Woman from the attacks of some pathetic drunk.

Bringing it back to business and the dedication to Peter Nelson – we were debating my views on BAD people.  He felt that I was taking a “bit of a hard line” stance and made some very logical arguments in that I should stand down and “show them a bit of love”.  We quite disagreed on this point and event though my view is hardly changed (in fact him debating me has made me believe in my argument more) – I had total respect for his difference in view.

If anything, I love it when people disagree with me based on logic and don’t get personal.  That is one thing I was impressed by Peter Nelson and our debate over the phone was about BAD People. In short our arguments were:

[Peter] – You just got to show bad people love and they will change.  You are just too hard Edward and you need to be more loving and the world is a wonderful place.

[Edward / Me] – You got to be wise and protect yourself against BAD people.  You are just too soft Peter and you need to be more careful and help make the world a wonderful place.

The great news is that Peter and I are all for making the world a wonderful place, but our methods and thinking totally differed.  He used “Gandhi” logic in that just be “Peaceful” and the bad guys will stop.  My logic was the “Hitler Defense” – being that tens of millions of people died because no-one stopped this BAD bully early enough.

Of course I think Peter is great, but I think he is totally wrong! The good news is that I am sure he thinks I am totally wrong but we disagree the right way.

In terms of Running a Small Business and being a fine Entrepreneur – I have been giving lots of commentary on BAD people and the dangers they have posed to not just my own life and success – but that of many of my great friends.

Even though comparing them to “Hitler” is quite an extreme which I am not arguing, what I have personally noticed is that in some cases – if someone doesn’t sort them out, they become stronger and stronger and just bully more people.

In fact, a few BAD people are targeting me right now.  Back-stabbing, pushing others around and just creating rabble.  I have even had reports of some defaming me on Facebook which doesn’t exactly impress me.  Although most people ignore them, I like to keep a close eye on them. My time in Military and Law Enforcement has taught me the importance keeping an eye on the BAD guys!

As for the positive to round off my thoughts, I think there is some truth in what Peter is saying and perhaps the truth is more of reasonable balance between the “Positive No War Gandhi” and “Stopping Hitler before he harms” type of logic.  You got to show even that BAD guys love, but when it goes to far – I think it’s important to intervene and do the right thing.

Speaking of awesome people I just want to give Peter Nelson the lime-light again.  I like hanging out with him and his “Hippie Peace” side balances out my Starship Troopers / Aliens “Kill ’em all” type of thinking.

My personal advice on this? Be streetwise and be trusting – yet cautious in who you work with in your business.  Be as reasonable and as loving as possible – but make sure you stand up for the right thing when the bullies come to press you.  Most people are awesome which is great, so most of the time I am going to enjoy siding with Peter’s logic rather than my own for now.

And of course, if you like Awesome Stuff, check out my Awesome Marketing Vault! Top Sales & Marketing Strategies for sure.

Thank you for the kind read and have a great day / night people! Even if you are BAD person reading this, I am going to show you a bit of LOVE and hope you change now for the better.

God Bless from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and man who enjoys a fine debate with Peter Nelson!



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  1. WOW Ed – i’m flattered that our conversation had such an impact. A couple of interesting points struck me from your article – firstly, I never said, and I dont believe you are wrong. Nor do I disagree with you. You might think that by offering an opposing idea that I disagree, but no.

    I dont actually believe in right or wrong – for me there is simply events that happen & the consequences that follow. There is that which takes us toward our goals & that which takes us further away. So for example if there is a BAD person out to take down Ed Zia (aha – good luck with THAT!) – their actions are “right”. Just for Ed they seem wrong.

    Secondly I never said that I thought the BAD people would change, nor do they need to. Thats not why I said to give them love. They may change, they may not, either way, give them love. A page I read last night from Nick Vujicic was saying how he forgave his bullies, not to free them from their guilt but to free him from their control.

    What people think of me – or you, is none of our business. If I stand in front of a room full of people and deliver a message some will love me, some wont care, and some will hate me – even though I havnt changed what I have said or what I have done. Same me, same message – so which of them are “right” and which of them are “wrong”. Its got absolutely nothing to do with me.

    You are too bright of a shining star Ed to waste energy on people not saying hi to you, people unfriending you or people backstabbing you. If they dont want to be part of your world then embrace those that are – oh and this ones HUGE – remember that you may be completely “wrong” about why they have just done what they have.. .. ..

    Thanks for the chat, thanks immensely for what is I think my first blog mention, thanks fro setting out to make the world a better place and thanks for being COMPLETELY uniquely Ed Zia – The Awesome Persian.

    Live, give. love.

  2. Peter that is one powerhouse reply and as per our phone call today I really am enjoying this great Marketing / Business / Life Conversation we are having and where things are going. It’s great we are on the same page in helping and I love how our methods differ.

    On a funny note, my articles have really generated a response from the market and it’s real 50 / 50. Half out there are like “Yes Ed You Rock” and the other half are like “Yes Ed You Suck!”. I have even had people complain to me trying to shut me down talking about these topics here (i.e. accusing me of being negative and all that).

    It’s a real sore point here for a lot of people and I find that it’s a massive issue for everyone. Ignoring someone who is a bit rude to you is one thing, but when you get situations of bullying and people backstabbing others damaging business deals and costing someone revenue – this becomes quite a different situation.

    In fact I am quite big on that one, if say someone walked up to me Peter attacking you – I would set the idiot straight. Again I know you don’t agree with this, but 50% are on my side on this one. I think it’s quite important defending against Corporate or Business bullying and it’s quite rampant.

    If anything I have been barely screwed over compared to some of my great friends. They have had BAD people do purely evil things against them and justify it with complex rationalism that borderlines at times on the psychotic.

    Love your logic and great comments Peter! We are on the same side and it’s great how different people play it to get the same outcome of helping people and making the world a better place.

    Keep up the work my friend and love it!

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