Sometimes in Marketing, Simple Works the Best! Bet some of you clicked this article mostly due to the cute image!

Sometimes in Marketing, Simple Works the Best! Bet some of you clicked this article mostly due to the cute image!

Hello Awesome People!

When it comes to Small Business Marketing – getting the message as “Short & Compelling” as possible is critical. Coming from the viewpoint of profitability and getting more clients – people today are just overloaded with different marketing messages.

I did a count the other day, from leaving my house to driving 10 minutes down the road, I was exposed to at least 80 different brands. Many estimate that we are exposed to thousands of marketing messages per day and reality kicks in – how on Earth is yours going to stand out against all the clutter out there?

The reality is (as talking personally on this one) is that it doesn’t. If you don’t stand out in a compelling manner with a “Tight Powerful Message” it’s highly unlikely people will even see it, let alone respond to it in terms of a sale or type of driven behaviour.

What inspired me to write this article is my own and many’s natural default behaviour. I find that it’s very easy to give people “Massive Stories” when we are asked what we do and the reality is, people don’t care.

I don’t mean that from a selfish viewpoint, I mean that from the viewpoint that many of us are just overloaded with the expectations and demands placed on us. It can be tough getting through the day and ticking all the boxes – so we find that long messages / stories tend to not get read.

The shorter, the sexier, the more powerful – better the response. As a case in point, this is my own example of short vs long as to what I do:

“I love helping Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners get More High Value Profitable Clients”

This is versus a massive story about how I am, where I went to university, how cool I am, the people I have worked with, the processes I use, the thinking I apply and the like. This can go on for what seems like endless paragraphs and sure you have to give detail – but I can tell you now that when it comes to copy & marketing – less is more!

My advice and thinking? Sure have detail when you need it, but when it comes to main advertisments think carefully about how you can condense it into powerful statements and keep it as compelling and attractive as possible.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!





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