The importance of PROFITABLE high value clients

The right clients can be a massive source of happiness! (Thank you Vault Boy).

The right clients can be a massive source of happiness! (Thank you Vault Boy).

I am really lucky and have a great pool of clients.

They rock, I love them, they love me and everyone is happy. It’s been the result of lots of great work, meeting with people and extensive marketing to attract the right people to my cause.

It wasn’t always like this for me however and I have found that many business owners out there tragically suffer not in that they don’t have enough clients per se; but they need more the right type of clients that suits them.

The right type of client relationship is where it’s great for both sides. With my awesome clients (and thank you if you are one of them), I love having them as clients and they love having me help them with their businesses.

Everyone is happy and it’s formed one of the key ideas of what I am all about:

– “Getting PROFITABLE high value clients”

This solves many problems we encounter right from poor cash flow, to that of giving us the earnings and streams of referrals we are all after. In order to achieve this it requires lots of discipline, the ability to say no and a really targeted marketing strategy that puts your company / services / products / self in front of exactly the right people.

It’s also important to have a really strong image in that it automatically repels the wrong type of clients and¬†attracts the right one. I turn away about a third of leads that come my way for various reasons in that I don’t think it will be a win / win that is great for both of us. The advantage of this is that it gives more time to focus on getting the right people.

My advice and thinking? With your business, strategy, marketing and thinking; make sure you it’s aligned to getting the ‘right’ people into your business. Through such behaviour our business is more pleasant, the right people surround us, we love to help them out and better still – it makes life just awesome.

Marketing with that thought in the back of your mind – it will make life much easier. Say no to those that aren’t right, but give a loving YES to those that rock.

Love your work, thanks for read and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you Fallout / Vault Boy for the image use and inspiration