Get results ASAP

Sheena Alexandra ('The Commander') is a powerhouse that acts fast and gets results ASAP. She's inspirational and love her work!

Sheena Alexandra (‘The Commander’) is a powerhouse that acts fast and gets results ASAP. I love her work!

Today I have been in contact with one of my friends. She is intelligent, powerful, sassy and in the zone, being someone who I hold in high esteem.

She has been a guest speaker at my signature workshops and we were talking lots over Facebook messenger today.

Sheena Alexandra is one savvy operator and I was admiring her success from several viewpoints and really unpacking / thinking through how she does it.

In summary, she is the type of character that:

–          Takes action extremely quickly.

–          Conducts the action with incredible speed.

–          Focuses on business outcomes.

–          Knows how to win.

–          And just wins.

When you even speak to Sheena, you will get from her layers of tough thinking and I love what she is about. Out of the many people I have seen in action over the years, she acts so quickly on her incredible ideas and they just work.

My advice and thinking? It’s simple. Just get results ASAP. If you don’t know something, ask questions and figure it out. Once you do, then DO IT RIGHT NOW. As you get results in, it then gives you more and more motivation to stay focused and in the zone.

Sheena does this and she’s a total inspiration. We love her work!

Also, I love your work. Thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!